Prentice Women's Hospital

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Politicians, Ugly Buildings, and Whores

What does it take to change attitudes about innovative architecture? More

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Chicago Names Marina City an Official Landmark

Long a defacto architectural landmark, Bertrand Goldberg’s Chicago complex is... More

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Prentice Hospital is Falling Down

Photos of the mostly-demolished Bertrand Goldberg building in Chicago. More

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Architects Accuse Northwestern University of Blacklisting Firms Over Prentice Women's Hospital Petition

Northwestern University is declining to work with architects who protested the... More

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Stanley Tigerman on the Prentice Women's Hospital

Stanley Tigerman, the unofficial alderman of Chicago architecture, pens a letter on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's statement of support for replacing the Prentice Women's Hospital. More

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Save the Weirdness of Prentice Hospital for Weirdness's Sake

Aaron Betsky sees the downsides to the Prentice Women's Hospital, but fears that, if demolished, it will portend the slow replacement of willful weirdness with blandness on Chicago's skyline. More

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Chicago’s Landmarks Commission Sidelines Architects

July’s mayoral appointments shake up commission as review of Bertrand Goldberg’s... More

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