Public Housing

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Architects Release Preliminary Plans for Grenfell Tower Estate Restoration

Six firms, including Adjaye Associates, make recommendations for improving the... More

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Adjaye Associates Part of Team to Redesign Grenfell Tower Estate

Six firms will help redesign the Lancaster West Estate housing complex where the... More

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Celebrated Modernist Neave Brown Has Died

Regarded as a "public housing pioneer," Brown won the 2018 RIBA Royal Gold Medal... More

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Social Housing

Atelier du Pont More

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The Past (and Future) of Housing

Studio Ma's Lakeside project at Princeton recalls an early modernist ethos. More

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Redesigning Lathrop

The Chicago Housing Authority is transforming one of its oldest projects into a... More

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The Housing Deficit

If Ben Carson survives the Jan. 12 confirmation hearings and becomes HUD secretary... More

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President-Elect Donald Trump Picks Ben Carson to Head HUD

"I feel that I can make a significant contribution particularly by strengthening... More

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Expandable Home Is a Low-Cost Solution to Social Housing Shortage

Nine million low-income homes are needed in Mexico, and here's architect Tatiana... More

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