Recycled Materials

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Repairing Roads With Recycled Shingles

A small town in New Mexico is getting road repairs, thanks to a 60-ton gift from a... More

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This Week in Tech: Building Blocks Made from Waste Plastic

Plus, an off-shore wind farm for the U.S., financing sustainable energy for... More

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R+D Awards Citation: Vegas Altas Congress Center and Auditorium

Pancorbo + de Villar + Chacón + Martín Robles craft a striking veil from recycled... More

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The Bricks In This House Are All Made From Industrial Waste

StoneCycling recycles the garbage from local factories and eliminates the... More

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Nike's New Distribution Center is a Sustainable Biocycle

The company's new center in Belgium will be powered by five on-site renewable... More

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The Risk of Knowing What’s Actually Inside the Products You Specify

A new white paper from the AIA’s Materials Knowledge Working Group helps... More

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A Wooden Crown Pavilion Made From Construction Waste

A French architecture company experiments on reused building materials to build a... More

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Utilizing Repurposed Materials

Incorporating recycled materials into a project is nothing new for the Solar... More

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Five Furnishings Giving Used Materials a Second Life

Banknotes, bottles, glass, concrete, and more are re-purposed in seating, surfaces... More

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