Renewable Materials

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Product Manufacturers Are Looking to the Ocean for Resources

From composite building modules made from compressed seaweed to tiles crafted with... More

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The Benefits of Biochar

Blaine Brownell on how this carbon-rich soil can reduce our carbon footprint. More

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The Biowaste Revolution

Startups like Ottan Studio and Biohm are designing sustainable building products... More

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Consider the Possibilities of Cardboard

Blaine Brownell on the sustainable design potential of this humble material. More

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Concrete, Steel, or Wood: Searching for Zero-Net-Carbon Structural Materials

Steel and concrete predominate the U.S. commercial building market for structural... More

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Bridging the Sustainable Materials Knowledge Gap

Contributor Blaine Brownell shares takeaways from an AIA Materials Matter... More

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Material Trends to Watch in 2019

Innovative products and systems that aim to reduce our carbon footprint are sure... More

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This Week in Tech: 2018 in Review

A compilation of ARCHITECT's most popular technology and products stories from the... More

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Reflecting on the Future of Fabrication

Blaine Brownell discusses themes and takeaways from the inaugural Fab Biennale, a... More

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Sustainable Products from Greenbuild 2018

Seven standouts from the international conference and expo, held Nov. 14–16 in... More


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