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Retrofitting Suburbia: A Timeline for Change

Samuel Assefa, Boulder's front line senior urban designer, discusses the process and time to redefine a community from sprawl to sustainability. More

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NASA Comes Down to Earth

NASA unveils Sustainability Base, the first space station on Earth, with sustainability lessons for all types of future building. More

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Talking WaterSense

Jonah Schein explains how WaterSense is helping the industry march toward a more water-efficient future. More

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Why You Need the Red List

The Red List provides a quantifiable metric for sustainable materials, but also fosters communication that is critical for meeting future targets. More

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Architect referrals boost business for Risinger Homes

Matt Risinger bases his custom home building business on architect referrals and shares insights on how other custom builders can do the same. More

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A Talk by Peter Head: Entering the Ecological Age

Today’s cities are responsible for 75% of carbon emissions, so we hope the dynamic innovation spawned in these urban centers will provide a growing share of solutions, and not just population. More

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Award-Winning Details

McInturff Architects has won multiple Custom Home Design Awards for architectural details over the years. Firm founder and principal architect Mark McInturff talks about how his design philosophy leads to these special moments that frequently garner accolades from our awards juries. More

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Message To The Market

As vice president for Residential Market Development for the USGBC’s LEED for Homes program, Nate Kredich has a unique perspective on the path toward market transformation for high-performance homes. More

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David Jacobs on Indoor Environmental Quality

Research director of the National Center For Healthy Housing discusses current concerns and looks ahead at emerging issues that will affect indoor environmental quality. More

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Sam Rashkin on Codes, Standards, and Rating Systems

The co-founder of Energy Star for Homes discusses new levels of performance requirements that will shape the future of our industry. More


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