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Week in Tech: Boston Dynamics Gives Spot an Extra Arm

Plus, the design community reacts to Amazon's HQ2, Sotheby's offers an intimate... More

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Beyond the Master Builder: How Robots Can Really Transform the Role of the Architect

Boston Dynamics construction manager Brian Ringley sees invaluable opportunities... More

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This Week in Tech: Robots and Timber at the V&A Dundee

Plus, a floating system for cleaning plastic from rivers, the Kendeda Building for... More

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Expanding the Uncanny Valley to Material Innovation

Can this phenomenon, which refers to human responses to humanoid robots, be... More

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Hybrid Technologies and the Automation of Construction

Blaine Brownell explores emergent teleoperation and telerobotics technologies that... More

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This Week in Tech: WeWork and S9 Architecture Inaugurate the Flood-Resilient Dock 72 in Brooklyn

Plus, the first-ever WELL Conference, MIT robots that assemble lunar settlements,... More

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Artificial Intelligence Can Save Time and Money

From building to planning and design, these five AI-based strategies speed... More

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Internet of Clean? How Robots Are Revolutionizing (and Automating) Commercial and Residential Maintenance

Vacuuming and window washing automation technology is on the rise, but trade-offs... More


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