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Dowel-Laminated Timber Roof At MFAH's Conservation Center Is a First for North America

Designed by Lake|Flato Architects, the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation Center... More

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Residential Roof Deck Review

Sitting on a roof can feel like sitting on top of the world. And considering how little it takes to make a roof habitable, a deck up top may deliver the biggest bang for the buck in residential construction. More

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Product Review: Asphalt Composition Shingles

Today’s asphalt roofing products include attributes for greening new and existing homes. More

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Product Pros and Cons: Asphalt Roofing vs. Metal

Asphalt dominates, but which material is right for your homes? More

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Pitch Perfect Green Roofs

Vegetation isn't just for flat roofs. Here are some factors to consider when designing and installing sloped green roofs. More

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Correspondence: May/June 2009

Readers respond to articles in previous issues of eco-structure. More

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ACFoam CrossVent From Atlas Roofing Corp.

ACFoam CrossVent from Atlas Roofing Corp. is an environmentally friendly polyisocyanurate-foam insulation board designed for use over sloped, unventilated roof decks. More

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EcoHome Readers’ Most-Requested Green Building Products of 2008

EcoHome’s 2008 top reader-selected products reveal strong interest in solar. More

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Tree House

At $200 per square foot, this San Diego house might seem a long shot for a story about custom homes on a budget. More


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