Senior Housing

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Inside Out: Nurturing Beauty and Community in Assisted Living

In this series on innovative spaces, the founders of the Chicago-based Harken... More

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The Winners of the 2021 Residential Architect Design Awards

This year's jury selected 21 winners that showcase the best in emerging and... More

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This Stumptown Developer Dreams Big With Wood

With two projects already built and a third under way, Ben Kaiser showcases mass... More

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Let’s Do Better by Dementia

The death of his father opened editor-in-chief Ned Cramer’s eyes to an enormous... More

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Getting Better with Age: Design for Senior and Assisted Living Facilities

The imminent surge of Americans who will be entering facilities that provide... More

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Affordable Senior Housing Incorporates African-Inspired Design Elements

The Dr. George W. Davis Senior Building includes 121 apartments, a community... More

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A 55-Plus Wake Up Call

As America counts down to the tipping point where the nation shifts from a young... More

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