Sidewalks and Walkways

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Place Schuman

COBE, Brut More

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The Future of Pedestrian Crossing

This week, software company Umbrellium unveiled a prototype of the world's first... More

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Verandah Walk

Wilson Architects More

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The Most Walkable Cities of 2016

Long Beach is the only Southern California city to rank among the top 10. More

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New Study Identifies Ways to Make Neighborhoods More Walkable

Walkability is a big selling point for a lot of potential home buyers. Here,... More

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LEDs Make Inroads Into Streetlighting

Along with their energy-sparing advantages over high-pressure sodium, LEDs’ color... More

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7 Cities Slowly Ditching Cars

Air pollution, congestion, and lower quality of life are three reasons the smart... More

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Letter From San Francisco: A Living Innovation Zone by Gehl Architects and Exploratorium

"Whispering Dishes," a public architectural intervention by Gehl Architects and the Exploratorium, reactivates Market Street, one one of the nation's busiest corridors. More

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