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Designers Select: Smart-Home Technology

Looking to integrate smart-tech into your residential project? Designers from Buro... More

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The Internet of Things Approaches Wireless, Touchless Power

Blaine Brownell examines the pros and cons of cordless, battery-free energy... More

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For Many Builders, Smart Homes Now Come Standard

Widespread adoption of home technology—mostly thanks to companies like Amazon,... More

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This Week in Tech: California to Rely Entirely on Clean Energy By 2045

Plus, the Frank Gehry–designed Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles will get an... More

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Transforming Walls into Smart Surfaces

Researchers say using this low-cost method could transform any room into an... More

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How Intelligent Homes Will Change the Way Americans Live

Through interviews with AI and Internet of Things experts, a new podcast paints a... More

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Building the World's Best Net-Positive Energy House

Virginia Tech's FutureHAUS Dubai will compete at the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle... More

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Solar Decathlon Preview: MST's Modern Twist on Traditional Farmhouse

"SILO" is a net-zero home that offers all the comforts of traditional farmhouse... More

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