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Pinterest's New York Office Scissor Stair

A geometric, wood-clad volume designed by IwamotoScott becomes the heart of the... More

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Stepping Up Stairway Design

The BTHL showcases stair designs for form and function throughout the 20th century. More

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Stair Details: An Architectural Obsession

Aaron Betsky examines the role of the ceremonial staircase in architecture. More

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6 Steps to Ensure the Home You Buy is Energy-Efficient

Here are six simple steps you can take during your homebuying search to ensure the house you buy won't break the bank with high energy bills later. More

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Jeff Speck's Washington, D.C., House Is For Sale

New Urbanist Jeff Speck is moving back home to Boston, which means the Washington, D.C., house he designed for himself is up for grabs. More

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Hidden Doors and Secret Rooms

Video tour of a renovated 1930's house that has several fun hidden doors and secret rooms inside. More

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Sculptural Custom Stairwells

Stairs traditionally have been a practical element in the home used for circulation. Imbuing the clients’ personality or program into this utilitarian space is part of what creating a truly custom home entails. This collection of stairwells showcases how architectural detailing can put the fun in functional. More

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