Tax Credits

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Getting the Most Out of the Research and Development Tax Credit

The 35-year-old credit is now a permanent part of the tax code, with looser limits... More

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Speak Up and Out

An election year is not the time to quietly sit on the sidelines. More

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A Nonpartisan Election Guide for Architects

Where the presidential candidates stand on the AIA's priorities for 2016 and... More

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Design Is Not Enough

Going to the barricades in the AIA’s Year of the Advocate is a collective effort... More

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Census Remodeling Data Shows Homeowners Head Toward Energy Efficiency

Recently released data from the 2013 American Housing Survey highlights homeowners are making energy efficiency a top priority in nearly a quarter of recently remodeled homes. More

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Push to Revive Energy Efficiency Tax Credit for Buildings Grows

Following the introduction of the Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives Act to restore and boost energy efficiency tax credits for buildings, the Senate Finance Committee votes to retroactively extend a deduction for commercial and multifamily buildings. More

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National Energy Efficiency Tax Credits for Buildings to be Revived?

Three senators propose restoring and boosting energy efficiency tax credits for residential, commercial, and multifamily buildings under the new Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives Act. More

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Baltimore Housing Complex Will Give Low-Income Seniors a Place to Call Home

The 100-unit complex features zoned HVAC, Energy Star-labeled windows, and Green Label-certified carpeting. More

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PV Sales Dip; Comeback in 2013?

A leading solar market research firm predicts PV growth through 2016. More

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