Tax Reform Bill

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The Top Five Political Issues Affecting Builders

From tariffs to taxes, these politically charged topics impact building pros... More

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Welcome to Albina Yard

Some say this groundbreaking Oregon property is an inflection point for domestic... More

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The New Tax Code’s Impact Across Economic Sectors

Moody’s Investors Service examines the negatives and positives for corporations,... More

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The AIA "Encouraged" by Tax Bill Changes

The updated version will protect pass-through entities and salvages portions of... More

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The AIA Condemns Senate-Passed Tax Bill

If the bill is put into law, "Congress would be making a terrible mistake," says... More

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Investing in America

The tax bills under consideration in Congress offer little benefit to... More

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The AIA Advocates for Pass-Through Entities in Letter on Tax Bill to Senate Finance Committee

Almost 40 organizations signed a letter to committee chair Orrin Hatch, concerned... More

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AIA Says the Senate Tax Reform Draft "Shows Marginal Improvements"

Though the revision retains historic tax credits, it "still penalizes professional... More

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AIA Has "Serious Concerns" About the Republican-Proposed Tax Cuts

The American Institute of Architects released a statement questioning the House... More


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