Transportation Safety

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This Week in Tech: Top Stories from 2018

Ten short reads from ARCHITECT's weekly series, which covers and curates design... More

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Autonomous Vehicles Come to Babcock Ranch

The self-driving school bus is a big hit with the kids and the parents. More

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Pumping the Brakes on Autonomous Vehicles

A recent panel discussion reveals a bit of caution regarding the ascent of... More

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The Bridge Did NOT Come Tumbling Down

Accelerated bridge construction's gotten a bad rap because of the tragic... More

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Carlo Ratti Associati Designs First Smart Highway System in Italy

The ANAS Smart Road is set to be installed across more than 1,500 miles of roads... More

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The Future of Pedestrian Crossing

This week, software company Umbrellium unveiled a prototype of the world's first... More

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Environmentally-Friendly Coolant Raises Flammability Concerns

HFO-1234yf is a potential replacement for HFCs – but detractors worry about its... More

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The Best Cities for Biking in the U.S.

The most bike-friendly cities across the country also saw double-digit home value... More

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A Sleek Umbrella for Bicycles

Thanks to this new product from Switzerland, the next phase of green commuting is biking to work even in the rain. More

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