Water Quality

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Week in Tech: Lasers for Assessing Earthquake Damage and Lasers for Clean Water

Plus, ultra-white paint that could reduce cooling costs and carbon emissions, MIT... More

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The Legacy of Scott Pruitt on the EPA and the Environment

Though he held office for less than two years, Pruitt set a precedent for... More

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Benefits of Water Infrastructure Investment

Report shows investing in clean drinking water generates a variety of public... More

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New Technology Uses Air and Sunlight to Produce Drinking Water

Dubbed Source Hydropanels, this technology complies with USEPA standards for... More

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Connecting Global and Local Solutions

Water is life, which means its risks are our world’s risks More

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Water as a Basic Human Right

Our relationship with water can be either life-enriching or life-depleting. More

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Transforming a Metropolis

Miami’s unique opportunity to revolutionize how Americans handle climate change. More

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Why Can’t We Understand Water?

It’s time to think about water before catastrophe strikes, not after. More

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Planning for the Inevitable

Why architects need to both slow global warming and prepare for sea level rise. More

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The Paradox of Water

Five experts weigh in on our relationship with water. More


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