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Double-Duty: Window Glass That Harvests Energy

These energy-generating windows could be coming soon to a home near you. More

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A Downside of Daylighting

Maximize options for glazing on a building façade can be the best option to reduce... More

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From Energy Sink to Energy Efficient: A Walk Through Window Technologies

In the last century, windows have evolved from drafty single-panes to energy-efficient triple-glazed and coated glass units. More

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Vistacool Atlantica, PPG Industries

This glass does triple duty by providing sustainable design, solar control, and reflectivity for privacy. More

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The Effects of Window Films Go Beyond the Surface

Applied films can enhance the performance of windows in retrofits if the proper measures are taken beforehand. More

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Double Duty

Electrochromic coatings allow us to control what comes through our windows. More

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SRT window film

SRT window film reduces the solar heat coming in to a home, maintaining the view while decreasing solar heat gain. More

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The Pros and Cons of Window Films

Solar-controlling window films can block up to 80% of the sun’s heat, boosting a... More

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Lucite EcoShade IR

Lucite has added EcoShade IR reflective continuous cast acrylic sheet to its line of LuciteLux products. More

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Heat-Blocking Window Film From Solar Gard

Solar Gard. Blocking up to 79% of solar heat, this residential window film helps save energy costs, stabilize interior temperature, and reduce glare, according to the manufacturer. The film, which comes in varying tints from clear to dark, also blocks UV rays to protect furniture from fading. It doubles as a safety feature by holding shattered glass in place. 877.273.4364. More


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