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2023 Mass Timber Competition Opens for Entries

This year's program will award winners with funding from a $2 million prize purse. More

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Will Forests Drive the Hydrogen Economy?

Canada-based Hydrogen Naturally is converting wood waste to hydrogen fuel,... More

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Tree Thieves: Who Owns the Forest?

Illegal timber harvesting has an annual economic impact of $1 billion nationwide.... More

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R+D Award: Tangential Timber

A team from After Architecture and the University of Virginia School of... More

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Innovations in Wood: Understanding the Latest Advances in Wood Research and Design

In this ARCHITECT panel discussion, architects Jennifer Bonner, Thomas Robinson,... More

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WoodWorks Names 2022 U.S. Wood Design Award Winners

The Washington, D.C.–based organization selected national and regional winners... More

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Basketball Arena’s Star Players are the Timber Curtain Walls

Locally harvested Douglas fir mass timber beams and timber curtain walls create an... More

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Could Wood Replace Our Need for Wires?

Columnist Blaine Brownell examines the latest research on "functionalized" wood... More

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Can Timber Construction Be a Significant Carbon Sink?

With the built environment being the largest contributor of global emissions,... More

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