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Could Wood Replace Our Need for Wires?

Columnist Blaine Brownell examines the latest research on "functionalized" wood... More

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Can Timber Construction Be a Significant Carbon Sink?

With the built environment being the largest contributor of global emissions,... More

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The Basics of Wood Frame Connection Design

How to harness wood’s natural characteristics to design optimal, resilient... More

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The Art of the Middle Ground

Vision vs. reality is a ceaseless struggle. Just ask Scott Harvey and Chad Fieber. More

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John R 2660: A Detroit Block Rises from Corner to Corner

See how Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects detailed a new cedar-clad, mixed-use building... More

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Deep Dive at Partisans' Fold House

Discover how the Toronto-based architecture firm achieved a curved, oak-finished... More

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Multifunctional Timber Wall at Moxon Architects Quarry Studios

The U.K. firm weaves nature into its practice by designing and constructing a... More

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Timber Abounds at the University of Arkansas Adohi Hall

Learn how Leers Weinzapfel Associates, Mackey Mitchell Architects, and Modus... More

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Mastering the Convergence of Biophilic and Resimercial Design

Wood ceiling applications present a wealth of on-trend design opportunities. More

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