Massachusetts manufacturer NanoLab has joined the "blackest black" paint market with their Singularity line of black paints and coatings. This solvent-based, nanotube-filled paint has less than 1 percent reflectance and claims to surpass other commercial products such as Acktar's metal velvet and martin black.

“NanoLab’s Singularity black has the lowest visible reflectance of any paint generally available to the public," NanoLab announced in a press release. "Additionally, we are developing new versions of Singularity black that can drive down its cost while further enhancing its properties. This is a very new material, and thus there are still lots of possibilities and opportunities, including our near future aim to introduce a version requiring a much lower processing temperature."

Local artist Jason Chase was invited to use to new paint for his sculpture, Black Iron Ursa (2017).

The paint is available for purchase on NanoLab's website.