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In this Forbes article, industry experts across the housing spectrum share the ways that the current epidemic is pushing them into new technology.

How long have you wanted to make a massive organizational overhaul to adopt a new technology? But you’re stuck because the technology requires restructuring, redesigning, or some sort of rethinking of all aspects of operations.

Although industry leaders are attracted to the latest and greatest technologies, adopting them as a profitable part of business is a completely different story.

Yet, there remain plenty reasons to believe. Technology exists to make things easier, more convenient, faster, lower cost. That doesn’t mean that the hurdles go away. Recently, other challenges have been added to the list, including privacy concerns and security.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the hand for many considering adopting new technologies by limiting human contact. Fortunately for the companies that are forced to innovate faster than they had planned, the technology exists and is ready to be implemented.

Evolving Operations

J Turner recently surveyed 1,400 property management executives on their response to the COVID-19 issue and found that 45% of respondents mandated that corporate staff work from home early this month and more than 77% canceled attending all conferences.

So, the first thing that a lot of organizations are faced with is managing day-to-day operations with a remote workforce.

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