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From detection systems to solar-powered controls, Victor Body-Lawson, FAIA, Sarah Broughton, FAIA, and Panji Grainger share their picks of smart-tech products for single-family and multifamily housing.

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Victor Body-Lawson, FAIA

Founding Principal, Body Lawson Associates Architects & Planners

New York

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August Home: Smart Lock Pro
“These keyless locks are installed inside doors for a clean look, making the owner’s phone the de facto key. The door is always open: It detects where you are, unlocks before you arrive, and can be controlled from anywhere.”

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Building36: Water and HVAC Detectors
“This smart-home solution offers capacity to connect with varied apps and devices, including sensors to protect homes from water damage and to detect potential HVAC system issues.”

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Verkada: Camera and Sensor
“Smart residences now benefit from doors and access systems that replace cameras with smart locks and geofencing integrated into the door itself or its smart-lock product. The client buys one product rather than separate ones, eliminating costs of wiring and alterations.”

courtesy Sarah Broughton

Sarah Broughton, FAIA

Principal, Rowland + Broughton

Aspen, Colo.

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Xtralis: Vesda System
“This state-of-the-art system is not only an aesthetic benefit, but functionally it is an upgrade as it detects additional hazardous and combustible gases. [With more sampling locations,] it can also detect smoke from a fire quicker.”

courtesy Ketra

Lutron: HomeWorks Automation System with Ketra
“Using tech to emulate the changes in natural light benefits human health in all climates, and especially in places where people are inside for longer periods of time. This whole-home system is compatible with Ketra lighting and Lutron Alisse keypads.”

courtesy Lumos Solar

Lumos Solar: Vision Module System
“Made in the U.S., these solar panels integrate into glazing to create a cohesive aesthetic. The lower profile panels are modular with glass edges and have varying densities, allowing for custom layouts and a level of opacity appropriate for the design.”

courtesy Panji Grainger

Panji Grainger

Partner, Buro Happold

New York

courtesy Ecobee

Ecobee: SmartThermostat
“These temperature controls gather real-time data, can be Amazon Alexa–integrated, and include a smart thermostat and security integration. Architects and owners can use this to start predicting energy needs based on custom factors.”

courtesy Latch

Latch: Guest and Delivery Management
“We’re seeing smart security and door access and sensor products for high-rise living, a focus for our design teams. This product helps manage guest and delivery access, and can expand to a full-building system for data-gathering.”

courtesy Kode Labs

Kode Labs: Smart Building Software
“This integrator software links smart technologies to reduce utility expenditures and ensure homes are as sustainable as designed. Real-time data of how homeowners use their properties help designers understand and even better predict energy needs and operational carbon.”

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