Stego Industries

Drago Wrap Vapor Intrusion Barrier, Stego Industries
Manufactured by Stego Industries, Drago Wrap Vapor Intrusion Barrier is a multi-layered plastic extrusion engineered to function as a physical barrier to vapor-forming chemicals, such as VOCs, that can lead to health issues. This product can be used in the redevelopment of brownfields and contaminated sites, the company says. Measuring 14' wide by 105' long, each Drago Wrap Vapor roll weighs 150 pounds and is colored differently on each face to ensure proper installation; it is compliant with ASTM E1745, a standard specification for plastic water vapor retarders used in contact with soil or granular fill under concrete slabs. Drago Wrap Vapor accessories include Drago Tape, a low-permeance tape manufactured for sealing, seaming, and patching; and Drago Sealant, a two-component, high-performance modified cycloaliphatic epoxy sealant designed to be used as a vapor intrusion layer in installation of the Drago Wrap Vapor.