Courtesy Article via Kickstarter

For jotting down or sketching ideas: Pen Article 0.1, Article Brand (24 days to go)
The semi-circular form of this minimalist pen ensures that it won't roll away when placed on a flat surface. The 4.7" long by 0.4" wide, ergonomically designed pen comes with a magnetic cap and is compatible with a wide variety of grips. Pen Article 0.1 is made of uncoated, polished stainless steel that will develop a natural patina over time. The pen is offered in Pilot G2 refills with ultra fine, extra fine, and fine tips, withblack or blue ink.

For a comfy work space: Seat. AI, Kong Rai Kim (7 days to go)
This inflatable smart cushion allows users to customize stiffness and track sitting habits via a smartphone application. The 15.7"-square cushion is made up of 64 thermoplastic polyurethane cubic airbags on its surface with 240 smaller cubes on the underside. It is fitted with four sensors that track external factors such as temperature, battery life, and air pressure. The raw data collected through the sensors is then sent to the user's smartphone through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and is translated into customized reports.

For the kid in you: i-Brix, Dustin Culton (6 days to go)
The first patent-pending, wireless lighting system for LEGO bricks, according to the manufacturer, i-Brix helps illuminate structures created with the iconic Danish toy. It comes with a 10"-square power plate base and LED-integrated 1"-square pieces that fit seamlessly with existing LEGO bricks. The wireless bricks are capable of functioning 8" above the power plate for design flexibility. The product is currently undergoing its final FCC certification process before shipping to customers.

For all-nighters: Lumlight, Lumtec (23 days to go)
This Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) tasklamp provides glare- and flicker-free illumination in an ultra-thin, aluminum housing. Lumlight is offered in color temperatures of 4000K or 3000K with a color rendering index of 90-plus. A 360-degree rotatable hinge allows users to adjust or fold the lamp into a variety of configurations. The luminaire comes with a three-stage dimming control and is offered in three finishes: rose gold, gold, and navy blue.

For on-the-go projects: Rollbe, The Work of Mind (22 days to go)
This pocket-sized rolling ruler was designed to measure both straight lines and curved surfaces—fitted with a brass handle and knurled edges for steady use. Available in metric or imperial measuring systems, the stainless steel ruler is offered in 4" (10-centimeter) and 8" (20-centimeter) lengths. A laser engraved arrow marks a starting point at the maximum 4" or 8" length of the ruler; the user must add any additional inches or fractions after the roller has come full circle in order to accurately calculate the measurements. Because the ruler's circular shape does not fit well with right angles, the radius or diameter of each ruler is also engraved at the center to make measuring corners possible.

Courtesy Phoebe Atkey via Kickstarter

For peace of mind: Wish You Were Here X, Phoebe Atkey (19 days to go)
British illustrator Phoebe Atkey has created this coloring book of 30 black and white drawings of buildings, landmarks, and landscapes from around the world. Each illustration is captioned to identify its location—and while some destinations are iconic or familiar, Atkey used social media in order to glean ideas for lesser-known, but significant locations. Destinations include Istanbul, Kyoto, Japan, and Machu Picchu, Peru.