Courtesy Ekko Workshop

Standing Circles Desktop Mobile, Ekko Workshop
This desk mobile’s triangular steel base delicately balances aluminum circles through hooks and jump rings. Measuring 15” tall by 15” wide, the compact sculpture is available in orange-gray, multi-color, and black-white (shown)—and offers a visual focus point for procrastinators. $80;

Courtesy Umbra Shift

Hot/Cold Carafe, Umbra Shift
Designed by the Toronto-based homeware company Umbra’s contemporary counterpart that focuses on up-and-coming designers, this travel-friendly stoneware carafe comes topped with two stackable cups. The 14”-tall hand-cast vessel can hold up to 25 ounces of liquid and offers silicone bands for a comfortable grip. Available in clay (shown) and red. $60;

Courtesy Eone

The Bradley, Eone
This watch by Washington, D.C.-based studio Eone is remarkable not just for its clean aesthetic, but also for its ability to let wearers tell time by touch. On its 1.5”-diameter stainless steel and aluminum face, two magnetized ball bearings—one on its surface and the other on its perimeter edge—indicate the time on raised hour markers. Available with gold, iris, and graphite (shown) colored markers, and a stainless steel mesh or dyed canvas band.

Courtesy Ensso

Pen Uno, Ensso
This minimalist aluminum pen reveals its 0.3-, 0.4-, or 0.5 millimeter tip with a twist. The body is available in a metallic palette of black, red, space grey, gold, and rose gold, Pen Uno utilizes a Hi-Tec C Coleto gel ink cartridge that comes in an array of colors, including red, black, and violet. $45;

Courtesy Yumi Endo

Cut, Yumi Endo
Taking inspiration from geometric grids and forms found in urban landscapes, New York–based design studio Yumi Endo created Cut, a stainless steel necklace created with laser-cutting technology that comprises a single chain with sculptural 2D rectangular pendants on each end. This piece is worn by interlocking one shape through the other. $150;

Courtesy Zupagrafika

Brutal London: Construct Your Own Concrete Capital, Prestel
Highlighting the histories of London’s famous Brutalist structures, such as the Space House, Alton Estate, and Balfron tower, this 72-page book takes storytelling to the next level by providing cutouts that allow users to construct heavy cardstock models of the featured buildings—some of which are slated for demolition. $34.18;

Courtesy Boulding Blocks

The Perfect Cube, Boulding Blocks
Denver–based artist Mark Boulding has created an alternative to traditional building blocks with Boulding Blocks. The 2.25”-cube is made of eight individual black or white cubes with interlocking prongs that make it easier to build curved forms. $24;

A special thanks to the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., for providing us with some gift guide–worthy products to photograph, from their very own gift shop.