Courtesy Otto

California-based startup Otto has released its first product, the eponymous Otto digital lock. Intended to outfit the residences of tech-savvy homeowners, the lock was developed by company founder and former Microsoft executive Sam Jadallah, and a team of experienced product engineers. Learn More

Researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have developed a new type of rubber that can heal itself. While self-healing materials are not new, engineering these properties is more difficult in dry materials like rubber, a substance that is constructed from polymers held together by permanent covalent bonds that don't reconnect after they're broken and therefore cannot self-heal. Learn More

Sustainability at CIS from Copenhagen International School on Vimeo.

Architecture firm C.F. Møller completes a school project in Copenhagen's harbor area and uses 12,000 solar panels that will reduce building's annual electricity consumption by half. Learn More

Oak Ridge National Laboratory/Dept. of Energy

ICYMI: This R+D award winning 3D-printed, one-room house and car that share energy sources explore methods to create a completely off-grid living environment. Learn More

Norwegian data company Kolos is building the largest data center in the world powered entirely by sustainable energy. The HDR-designed center will run on renewable energy in the forms of wind and hydroelectricity powered by fjords that surround the facility on three sides. Norway’s cold climate and low humidity levels will also help offset energy demands. Learn More

A team of engineers from the University of California, San Diego have developed a material consisting of stretchable fuel cells that can successfully convert energy from sweat into power for electronics such as LEDs and Bluetooth radios. Learn More

Researchers at University of California, Berkeley have taught a type of bacteria to harvest nearly 80 percent of the sun's energy and convert it into acetic acid: an important step toward producing alternative fuel. Learn More