Spring 2010 PSG lighting products



  • The PowerGrid from GE Lighting, part of the Tetra Architectural Series, is a modular LED system that replaces fluorescent lights in applications that require broad, uniform lighting, such as backlighting walls, illuminating ceilings, and undercabinet task lighting. According to GE, PowerGrid is up to 64% more energy efficient than fluorescent light sources and offers up to 50,000 hours of life. The PowerGrid comes in packages of 14'-long grids with 21 modules and six LEDs per module. Six PowerGrid options are available with white or warm-white color temperatures, ranging from 94 to 136 emitted lumens. ge.com

    GE PowerGrid LED Lights

    This modular LED system is a replacement for fluorescent lighting.

  • Flap from Foscarini calls to mind a contemporary art piece with irregular geometric lines. It decorates walls with a mix of light and shade formed by the fixtures two overlapping metal surfaces, which have a slight bend and irregular overlay. When lit, Flap creates a perception that there are four surfaces, due to backlit shadows that are projected on the wall. Several Flap fixtures can be specified together to create an eye-catching light sculpture for both residential and contract applications. Three sizes are available. The fixture is made of lacquered aluminum and lamped with two 18W fluorescent bulbs. foscarini.com

    Foscarini Flap

    A modular light system that can be used to create an eye-catching light sculpture.

  • Tile by Fabbian is a building block that allows designers to build chandeliers, room partitions, and focal points. After a specifier determines dimensions and pattern, a custom system is created based on a projects needs. Crystal glass is faceted into a 4"-by-9" clear, blue, or amber tiles that clip into a cable-suspension system. A polished aluminum ceiling channel anchors the cables and also houses the lamping and electrical components. Available with either a halogen 20W MR16 or LEDs with color temperatures ranging from 2,700 K to 6,000 K; RGB LEDs are also available to create static or dynamic colored lighting effects. The modular lighting system was designed by Pamio Design. tile.fabbian.com/en

    Fabbian Tile

    These lamps are building blocks that can be turned into chandeliers, partitions, and focal points.

  • The Quintessence collection of recessed luminaires from Erco encompasses more than 350 productsincluding wallwashers for vertical illumination and fixtures with LEDsall in square and round designs. The line includes many of Ercos newest technologies, such as Spherolit reflectors and lenses, factory-encoded DALI gear, and four-channel varychrome technology for LED downlights with variable lighting color. Lamping options include metal halide lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps, high-pressure sodium vapor lamps, and CFLs. The Quintessence system allows luminaires with a range of different characteristics to be mounted in uniform mounting rings and frames without tools. erco.com/quintessence

    Erco Quintessence

    A collection of recessed luminaires that encompasses more than 350 lighting products.

  • The DLED 6200 from Dreamscape Lighting is a high-power LED light channel featuring better efficiency, color rendition, and thermal management. The light channel has an output of 650 lumens per foot, a CRI of 80, and a color temperature of 2,700 K. It consumes fewer than 15W per foot and has a 35,000-hour expected life. The DLED is completely dimmable and its board has phosphor stability built into every LED to provide accurate color. It also features junction temperatures below 140 F for a long lifespan. dreamscapelighting.com

    Dreamscape Lighting DLED 6200

    A high-power LED light channel with a low temperature and long lifespan.

  • Jonas Hakaniemis Box Light is a lamp hidden in a box. Users can slide the lid open to let light flood out or close it to turn off the lamp. With no dimmers or redundant technology needed, the Box Light has a straightforward interactive design. Available in black or gray, it consists of an aluminum box and a white plastic shade. It measures 4" wide by 3-1/4" tall by 6" deep. A bulb is included, and the fixture is available through Design House Stockholm. designhousestockholm.com

    Design House Stockholm Box Light

    Designed by Jonas Hakaniemi, this lamp is adjusted by sliding the light through its exterior box.

  • The newGrowth line of lamps from CPLighting are made from 90% post-consumer recycled content and can be specified in any size and configuration from 12" to 20'. Suitable for residential, commercial, and hospitality applications, the halogen line-voltage fixtures can be used as wall accent pieces or combined to fill an entire atrium. They can also be hung from the ceiling in a mono-point installation to create a chandelier. The fixtures are made of salvaged brushed-aluminum pipe, making them light and strong enough to be placed in a cantilevered position to compensate for ill-placed ceiling electrical service or obstructions such as beams or ductwork. Designed by Christopher Poehlmann, they take a 50W JCD-type halogen bulb. cplighting.com

    CPLighting newGrowth

    Lamps made of post-consumer recycled content made to look like tree branches.

  • Turbo LEDs from Bulbrite feature heat sink technology that eliminates the need for large aluminum heat sinks or clunky housings. Their cooling system has pure anodized 0.0236"-thick aluminum fins that are riveted to the body. The luminaires also are engineered with a low junction temperature of 149 F for optimal thermal conductivity to increase LED life to 25,000 hours, and, with an IP 65 rating, they are completely protected against dust and low-pressure water from all directions. Turbo LEDs are available in several sizes and styles, including MR16 12V; MR16 GU10 120V; PAR20; PAR30; and PAR38. They contain no mercury or lead. bulbrite.com

    Bulbrite Turbo LEDs

    These LEDs feature heat sink technology that eliminates the need for large housings.

  • The 304 Series from BetaLED, a division of Ruud Lighting, features performance of more than 100 lumens per watt, saving as much as 70% in energy use. Scalable up to 12,000 lumens of delivered light output, the luminaire series has a two-level dimming option, saving more energy and reducing operating costs. The 304 Series is available for recessed canopy and soffit applications with petroleum symmetric optics. The luminaires can be installed in single- or double-skin open-air petroleum station canopies and building soffits, such as banks and quick-serve restaurants. They are well suited for applications where lights are left on 24 hours a day. betaled.com

    BetaLED 304 Series

    Scalable to 12,000 lumens, this is a new LED light source from Ruud Lighting.

  • Artemide Soffione

    Halogen table lamps with a diffuser that looks like crystals.



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