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Hiragana-no Spiral House

Yuko Ngayama & Associates

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Sara Johnson, Hanley Wood Media

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Hiragana-no Spiral House

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House Vision 2

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This project is part of the "House Vision 2" exhibition, which runs from July 30 through August 28, 2016 in Tokyo.

Project Description


An evolving house, as a whole, is like a home device. From among the three houses built by the three little pigs, architect Yuko NAGAYAMA prefers the house made of straw, which was so light that the wolf blew it down. According to her, it has a lightness and subtlety not found in a solid brick house. The Hiragana-no Spiral House is enclosed by a circular wall in the spiral shape of the hiragana character “no” (の), which naturally guides visitors from the entrance into the room. The entire curved wall serves as a display screen for movies, video links and websites anywhere inside the house. A weather vane sensor is perched on top of the roof, accurately sensing outdoor conditions and communicating them unobtrusively to residents.The island kitchen is an independent structure. Toilet and bath facilities are grouped together in the central area, while the bedroom is above this space. Although the central area is designed as a square and space is unconsciously bounded by this wall as a backdrop, the living space is in reality seamlessly connected.The result is a smart but delicate house set free from the conventional spatial composition of square corners with furniture and home appliances placed against them.
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