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Jarden Home Brands

Axis Architecture

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Jarden Home Brands


9999 East 121 St


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Jarden Home Brands


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Jarden Home Brands (JHB), a subsidiary of the global consumer products giant Jarden Corporation, has a product portfolio of 120+ thriving brands including Ball Mason Jars, Yankee Candles and Crock-Pots. JHB was built on the values of honesty, integrity, expediency, quality and innovation.   

Their existing space in Daleville, Indiana did not support these principals. Sixty-four inch-high workstations dominated the landscape.  The environment lacked warmth, energy, and was detrimental to collaboration or teamwork. Employees remarked the environment had a stark feeling of segregation.  It was not uncommon for employees to go days or even weeks without seeing or interacting with the person who shared their panel spline.

The decision to move their headquarters from Daleville to Fishers, Indiana provided the
perfect opportunity to start fresh.  The new JHB headquarters would consist of 45,000 square feet of office space directly connected to a 600,000 square-foot canning jar distribution center.

Axis designed the office environment with spaces which would create spontaneous and surprising moments of interaction utilizing an honest but modern language. The challenge issued was to bring out the best in JHB’s people, free them from limitations and inspire innovative thinking and collaboration. We incorporated a variety of dimen-sional and dynamic spaces to create a sense of energy and passion while retaining a casual and comfortable aura.  The overall space invites and fosters open collaboration, yet also provides quiet spaces for individuals to do their focused work.

The workspaces incorporate natural light through the existing ribbon windows along the exterior and the skylights that were added to the inner space to create an open, welcoming atmosphere that remains personal to the individual occupants. Our stra-tegic use of color and texture brings life and depth to the space. The design absorbs and returns creative and productive energy. It is a space that supports innovation, and the innovative people who work within. 
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