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Mecanoo/Martinez + Johnson Architecture Proposal for MLK Library

Mecanoo Architecten, Martinez+Johnson Architecture

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Project Description


Mecanoo with Martinez+Johnson Architecture presents a unique paring primed to deliver a Next Generation Library project that celebrates MLK’s renowned Miesian architecture while embracing Washington DC’s contemporary culture and changing needs. Our team’s collective resources provide for a full range of Architectural design and related services for the renovation of the library and for entitlements for a possible addition to the building. Within the scope of these services, we will create a new vision for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library that presents innovative opportunities for educational engagement, delivers a comprehensive arrangement that unifies both commercial and library directives, and is an attractive catalyst for community activity.
In response to these challenges, we present a robust architectural design team with a broad range of relevant experience together with world-class relevant design abilities, highly experienced preservation sensitivities, strongly developed process skills, and the technical expertise necessary to craft and realize the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library’s vision for this facility. Ours is a carefully balanced collaboration of leading voices in architectural design, innovation in public libraries, and experience working in the District of Columbia. We thoroughly understand the vision of developing a 21st century library within the 20th century facility, transforming it in the process, and maintaining its historical significance. We have experience in international collaborations with our respective partners and sub-consultants and are skilled and experienced within the DC entitlement process, having undertaken decades of work involving historic resources.
We utilize a proven process of information sharing and consensus building while adhering to our clients’ goals and requirements to surpass expectations. Both firms have a high level of experience working with Building Information Modelling (BIM) to control costs, to expedite planning, to maintain high quality throughout the design and construction process, and to provide an efficient maintenance model for long term building operation.

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