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Rhike Park, Music Theatre and Exhibition Hall

Studio Fuksas

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Morgan Day, Hanley Wood

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Rhike Park, Music Theatre and Exhibition Hall


10,000 sq. meters


Tbilisi Development Fund

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Project Description


The project site is located inside the green area called Rhike Park, in Tbilisi, Georgia. The site is relatively flat and the level differences don’t exceed two meters to the longitudinal section or a 1.5% slope. The area is closed by two different track roads. The building consists of two different soft shaped elements that are connected as a unique body at the retaining wall. The two parts are clearly recognizable from the outside.

Every elements has his own function: The Musical Theatre and the Exhibition Hall. The north part of the building contains the Musical Theatre Hall (566 seats), the foyer and several facilities, together with technical spaces for theatre machinery and storage. The Exhibition Hall opens his great entrance with a ramp that brings visitors from the street level. The Music Theatre Hall, on the contrary, soars from the ground and allows the users staying in the foyer and in the cafeteria to have a view to the river and the skyline of the city.

The design concept wants to reflect the changes and the renovations that are acting in Tbilisi. This effort is achieved using innovative shapes to house classic programs like the Musical Theatre Hall and Exhibition Hall. The connection to the city is a key aspect of the design. The building’s primary entrance is located on the Rhike Park area, following the main flows that arrives from the Bridge of the Peace and from the underground parking. The Exhibition Hall follows the flow direction and opens its entrance to receive the visitors from the park. It is a periscope to the city and looks towards the river framing the historic core of the Old Tbilisi.
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