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2015 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion


Project Name

2015 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Project Status


Year Completed



Serpentine Gallery


  • José Selgas
  • Lucía Cano


  • Electrical Engineer: Aecom



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The 2015 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion will be open from June 25, 2015 through Oct. 18, 2015.

Project Description

When the Serpentine invited us to design the Pavilion, we began to think about what the structure needed to provide and what materials should be used in a Royal Park in London. These questions, mixed with our own architectural interests and the knowledge that the design needs to connect with nature and feel part of the landscape, provided us with a concept based on pure visitor experience. We sought a way to allow the public to experience architecture through simple elements: structure, light, transparency, shadows, lightness, form, sensitivity, change, surprise, color and materials. We have therefore designed a Pavilion which incorporates all of these elements. The spatial qualities of the Pavilion only unfold when accessing the structure and being immersed within it. Each entrance allows for a specific journey through the space, characterized by color, light and irregular shapes with surprising volumes. This is accomplished by creating a double-layered shell, made of opaque and translucent fluorine-based plastic (ETFE) in a variety of colors. At the heart of the Pavilion is an open space for gathering as well as a café. -SelgasCano
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