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  • The New Guy

    The appointment of Jason Schupbach as director of design of the NEA was a welcome surprise.



  • The SAP Americas Headquarters Expansion building sits across from an existing three story office building. The two are connected by a narrow lobby covered by a green roof.

    SAP Americas Headquarters Expansion

    If, in this era of declining print subscriptions, executives at the Harvard Business Review want proof that their articles have a direct impact on business, they need look no further than the SAP Americas Headquarters Expansion.

  • The sharply canting roof structure of the lobby is emphasized by the fact that the roof on either side of itover offices on one side and classrooms and exhibition space on the otherslopes at a shallower angle and in the opposite direction. The lobby's stout, post-and-beam structure lends a barnlike character to the space, and the vocabulary of natural materials is maintained in the outdoor classroom structure visible though the trees.

    Merchants Millpond Visitor Center

    Designed by Frank Harmon Architect, of Raleigh, N.C., the modest, wood-framed structure­ incorporates a low-tech approach to sustainable design and recalls a historic mill that once occupied the site.

  • Alongside the Santa Monica Freeway, the New Carver Apartments brings color and form to an otherwise gritty part of downtown Los Angeles.

    New Carver Apartments

    Los Angeles–based architect Michael Maltzan’s design is as formally iconic as the cylindrical Capitol Records building, which makes the fact that it was built for one of L.A.’s neediest populations—the chronically homeless—even more surprising than the novel architectural expression.


Architect 50

  • Methodology

    The methodology behind determining the rankings for the second-annual Architect 50.

  • The 2nd Annual Architect 50

    2009 was a tough year for U.S. firms, but we found out who leads the pack in terms of profitability, design, and commitment to green.

  • Gary Haney and Philip Enquist

    Number One: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

    New York's redoubtable SOM claims the top spot.

  • Left to right: Epstein's executive managing directors John Patelski, Jim Jirsa, and Michael Damore


    The Chicago firm is buoyed by government work and architect of record services.

  • Robin Guenther


    The greenest firm in the land, for the second year running.

  • The Top 50 Firms 2010

  • Left to right: Vincent James, Jennifer Yoos, and Nathan Knutson


    2009 was a year of accolades for this research-driven Minneapolis firm.

  • Image


    A small Boston firm that punches above its weight.



Best Practices

  • "I have numerous clients who don't use their line of credit once they're established," says Feeley & Driscoll partner Jacqueline Weir. "But it's a great tool to have in case you do need it."

    Funds for Lean Times

    A line of credit helps cover your firm’s essential short-term financing needs. (In other words, find another way to pay for that sweet new plotter.)


Local Market

  • A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education Architect: Albert Kahn Associates, Detroit. Completion: 2009. Brief: 76,000-s.f. historic rehab for the College for Creative Studies; received $65 million in incentives, credits, and grants.


    Between an engaged younger citizenry and the return of beloved Mayor Dave Bing, there's a renewed sense of purpose all around Detroit.


Other Articles

  • Show Us the Money

    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was supposed to help architects climb back from the recession. So far, most firms aren’t seeing any benefits.




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    Cor-Ten Skin, Design Museum Holon

    The simple boxes that are the Design Museum Holon's gallery space are enveloped in a 300-ton sculpture that is itself a kind of building.



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    10 for ’20

    Ten ideas—from technology to culture—about changes that could (or should) occur in green building.



  • The Roccy series of luminaires from Solavanti Lighting offers textile lampshades in red, cypress, brown, and custom colors. The ROC320 (shown) comes in a conical shape, but other geometric shapes are available. All 13 luminaires contain a frosted mineral glass cylinder.

    Solavanti Lighting Roccy

    The Roccy pendants from Solavanti Lighting come in a conical, or other geometric, shape.

  • The eW Cove MX Powercore developed by Philips Color Kinetics is an LED replacement for high-output fluorescent cove lights. The lamp comes in four color temperatures, four solid colors, and with a wide-beam angle. It offers 52.7 lumens per watt and 600 lumens per square foot; dimming down to 1%; Energy Star approval; and Title 24 certification.

    Philips Color Kinetics eW Cove MX Powercore

    The eW Cove MX Powercore developed by Philips Color Kinetics is an LED replacement for high-output fluorescent cove lights.

  • Gothams ALED direct LED downlight includes a 6" aperture with an open reflector, and an LED engine with a 3,500 K or 4,100 K color temperature and 50,000-hour rated life span. The housing accommodates a maximum 1-1/2" ceiling thickness. Five colorsclear, pewter, wheat, gold, and whiteare available for the 7-1/2"-diameter overlapping trim. ¥

    Gotham ALED

    Gotham's ALED direct LED downlight has an overlapping trim available in five colors.

  • The direct-indirect i2 Series is part of Corelite's Iridium product line. Designed with an open aperture for maximum distribution, the i2 Series can be mounted individually or continuously with 4', 8', and 12' modular sections, and may include patented Slide-N-Lock optics. Luminaires align with Corelite's T-Grid metalpan and interface with various ceiling types

    Corelite i2 Series

    The direct-indirect i2 Series is part of Corelite's Iridium product line.

  • The TORi linear luminaire from Birchwood Lighting, made of machined aluminum components, houses a single T5 or T5HO fluorescent lamp. Different socket covers are availablebullet, concave, round, and squareand users can choose from many lens and finish options, including a frosted acrylic round cover and direct and indirect reflectors. Fixtures are available in 2', 3', 4', and 5' lengths, and are UL listed for dry and damp locations. ¢

    Birchwood Lighting TORi

    The TORi fixture from Birchwood Lighting houses a single T5 or T5HO fluorescent lamp.


Other Articles

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    Let's Get Physical

    On the scene in Barcelona at the seventh annual SmartGeometry Conference, where the computer wasn't always the indispensable tool and a hands-on approach to design was the order of the day.




  • New Modesty? Not Really

    If the architecture of the next few years is subdued, it’s not because designers have decreed a new ethic.


Exhibits Books Etc.

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    Manhood Factories

    A new book by historian Paula Lupkin delves into the moral intentions and the physical buildings of the YMCA.

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    Visual Planning and the Picturesque

    An unfinished 1940s manuscript by historian Nikolaus Pevsner finally sees publication.

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    Other Space Odysseys

    A new show at the Canadian Centre for Architecture focuses on outer space, with work by Greg Lynn, Michael Maltzan and Alessandro Poli.

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    Wright's Scandinavian Design Auction

    This Ox chair is one piece of Scandinavian design available through the Chicago auction house Wright.

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    The Bilbao Effect

    AIA New York's Center for Architecture is hosting a play by Oren Safdie, son of the well-known architect.


Screen Grab

  • "The goal was to build something that was robust, that was more than just an Excel spreadsheet, that was actually a way to communicate with the public and broaden our constituency," says Cultural Landscape Foundation president Charles Birnbaum.

    For Cultural Landscape Foundation president Charles Birnbaum, the What's Out There database his nonprofit recently launched is the realization of a career-long dream.


Other Articles

Past P/A

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    New Old New York

    A pragmatic plan by Cooper Ekstut for Battery Park CIty's 92 acres of landfill proposed incremental development that is just now being completed.