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The work of ANX begins with a fundamental optimism with regard to the continued value and impact that design and architecture have on our cities and their inhabitants. Our approach is positive, opportunistic, and intellectually flexible with every theoretical and commissioned project – both large and small. Our belief is that one can affect significant change through a careful analysis and deconstruction of project conditions, and the application of a thoughtful, conceptually rigorous process.

Constraints are opportunities. A broad analysis of a project’s site conditions, environmental context, program, budget, schedule, and jurisdictional parameters are mined for latent opportunities to be metabolized towards innovative and novel design solutions. Our process resists the autonomous and pure in favor of the dependent, messy, and complex possibilities of a poetic inclusion of multiple and often conflicting influences. This process ultimately leads to the intersection of architecture, landscape, and urban networks, and the inherent negotiations necessary to implement a coherent experience respectful of the impact upon the environment.

Assumptions are challenged. Our understanding of the capacity for design to organize complex systems with thoughtful intention, environmental appropriateness, and a practical dose of both form and function, is coupled with our belief in the responsibility of the designer to ask questions and challenge assumptions of the built environment. Our ongoing interest in developing experiences that explore space, scale, orientation, light, detail, materiality, and emerging technologies is demonstrated in a wide range of residential, cultural, commercial and landscape projects that question, and when appropriate, inflect existing paradigms.

Flexibility is required. We do not jump to conclusions; we test conventional and novel solutions to problems with equal fervor. The manipulation and application of accepted organizational typologies, as well as the transposition of foreign typologies are all fair game. Our design process takes into consideration numerous configurations for all projects and attempts to embed conceptual rigor within each. However, the project’s performance is maintained as the ultimate proof of its success.

Collaborations are embraced. To this end, the work of the studio draws on the expertise of the principal, staff, clients, consultants, and a diverse network of contractors, designers, artists and fabricators. We assemble the right team and design a working method specific to each project. We’ve instituted advanced tools to study, experiment, visualize, and communicate to our clients the development of each project throughout the creative process.

ANX has recently been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, IFJ/India, Objekt International/Netherlands, Maisons & Bois International/France, and Dwell Magazine. In 2016, OZU was awarded the Jury Award and People’s Choice Award from the AIA LA Restaurant Design Awards. In addition, the Museum of Compassion won a 2015 Next LA Citation Award from the AIA LA Chapter, the Black Box earned Best Small Project in Build Magazine’s 2015 Architecture Awards, the Flicker House won a 2010 Next LA Merit Award from the AIA LA Chapter, the Glass House won a 2007 Merit Award from the AIA SFV Chapter, and APN: 5435-030-020 won a 2003 Next LA Merit Award from the AIA LA Chapter. The work of Aaron Neubert has been presented at The University of Southern California, Woodbury University, and Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark and The Van Alen Institute in New York City.


  1. Arroyo Oak House

    Arroyo Oak House

    Castaic, CA

  2. Award Winning The Bunker

    The Bunker

    Studio City, CA

  3. Metric Hotel

    Metric Hotel

    Los Angeles, CA

  4. Echo House

    Echo House

    Los Angeles, CA

  5. Award Winning Tilt-Shift House

    Tilt-Shift House

    Los Angeles, CA

  6. Black Box

    Black Box

    Los Angeles, CA

  7. Manifold House

    Manifold House

    Los Angeles, CA

  8. Canyon House

    Canyon House

    Los Angeles, CA

  9. Light Box

    Light Box

    Los Angeles, California, United States

  10. NHN House

    NHN House

    Los Angeles, United States

  11. Sycamore House

    Sycamore House

    Hollywood Hills, United States

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