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Aura Design Studio, founded by Filiz Cingi Yurdakul in 2015, is inspired by nature by focusing on life and people. It designs by researching the fine details, aesthetics and geometry of the nature. Seeing "building" as a living organism, AURA DS considers the past, the future and the needs of the project as well as what's required for the project to be fulfilled and for it to make people happy. Conducts comprehensive studies on detail solutions and construction processes of the projects. AURA DS aims to make life more meaningful for people.

Filiz Cingi Yurdakul was born in 1980 in Ankara. After receiving her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Middle East Technical University, she has produced with great passion in various areas of architectural practice. She has received awards in national and international competitions.


  1. Yaşamkent Mixed-Use Hotel and Residence

    Yaşamkent Mixed-Use Hotel and Residence

    ankara, TURKEY

  2. Santra Hotels

    Santra Hotels

    muğla, TURKEY

  3. Gürbulak Border Gate and Transit Center

    Gürbulak Border Gate and Transit Center

    Ağrı, TURKEY

  4. Yaşamkent Commercial Centre

    Yaşamkent Commercial Centre

    Ankara, TURKEY



    Ankara, TURKEY

  6. Gazi Anatolian High School

    Gazi Anatolian High School

    Ankara, TURKEY

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