in situ studio


  • Erin Sterling Lewis
  • Matthew Henning Griffith
  • Mary Conley
  • Zach Hoffman
  • Jeremy Leonard

Firm Description

Every building is situated in a unique context formed of specific physical and cultural characteristics. At in situ studio, we work with our clients to uncover design solutions that are unique to clients' needs, appropriate to the places in which we are building, and innovative in the ways they solve problems through common sense. We value our collaborations with clients, consultants, and other designers and are sure to assemble the most qualified team available for each project.

Our work is contemporary and sustainable. We prioritize stewardship of water, light, and energy. We are not prone to imitating any particular style. Rather, we seek an authentic logic for every project that transcends style. 

We find great pleasure in simple things; in the ways a breeze fills a room; in the way light falls on a window sill; in the way people inhabit their spaces; in the way architecture supports routine. Our most important skill is our ability to listen to our clients and aid them in distilling their thoughts into a singular, poetic design concept. In this way, we help people make their place in the world.


  1. Trull Residence

    Trull Residence

    Cary, NC

  2. Award Winning Medlin Residence

    Medlin Residence

    Raleigh, NC

  3. Award Winning Corbett Residence

    Corbett Residence

    Bahama , North Carolina, The United States

  4. Award Winning Farmhouse


    Wake Forest, North Carolina, The United States

  5. Award Winning Clark Court

    Clark Court

    Raleigh, N.C.

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