Stefano Boeri Architetti


  1. The Multipurpose and Civil Protection Center of Norcia

    The Multipurpose and Civil Protection Center of Norcia

    Norcia, Italy

  2. Open Schools for Tirana

    Open Schools for Tirana

    Tirana, Albania

  3. Forêt Blanche

    Forêt Blanche

  4. The Hawthorn Tower

    The Hawthorn Tower

    Utrecht, Netherlands

  5. Liuzhou Forest City

    Liuzhou Forest City

    Liuzhou, China

  6. Nanjing Vertical Forest

    Nanjing Vertical Forest

    Nanjing, China

  7. Guizhou Mountain Forest Hotel

    Guizhou Mountain Forest Hotel

    Guizhou, China

  8. La Tour des Cèdres

    La Tour des Cèdres

    Lausanne, Switzerland

  9. Bosco Verticale

    Bosco Verticale

    Milan, Italy

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