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Week in Tech: The Future of Carbon Capture

Plus, calculating the potential for solar energy in the U.S., the new Frederick... More

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Strip Down Ego and Have Conversations to Succeed

Heidi Kasper shares details of Austin Energy’s long-time success as a leading... More

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When Smart Controls Network

Networked lighting controls can offer building owners significant energy savings... More

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Architectural Lighting: The Case for More Research

At their essence, recent developments in lighting design have fundamental and... More

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Seeking Compatibility in the LED Era

The transition from conventional to solid-state lighting components is still far... More

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From Energy Sink to Energy Efficient: A Walk Through Window Technologies

In the last century, windows have evolved from drafty single-panes to energy-efficient triple-glazed and coated glass units. More

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Key Takeaways from the AIA's Progress Report on the 2030 Commitment

More design projects are meeting the AIA's targeted carbon reduction goals, but... More

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Energy Efficiency + Building Science

Moving building technology to the era of zero-energy buildings. More

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