Architects and designers know that when it comes to interior design, crown molding and baseboards are so yesterday. Today’s modern designs call for subtle, sleek trim details that, in the past, were hard to find and expensive to create.

But as construction costs rose, schedules shrank and field skill sets diminished, designers and architects needed to find creative ways to build spaces that offer the most bang for the buck.

That’s why some enterprising designers looking for a low-cost modern look actually started using outdoor aluminum trim on the interior. This approach was less costly than specialized fabrication and produced the desired effect. But it required some creative installations to make it work.

Fortunately, manufacturers have responded to the need for this type of trim and now offer specially designed interior trim systems geared toward the 5/8-inch drywall on metal studs design that’s the workhorse for defining the perimeter of spaces and creating separation. These mix-and-match trim systems include recessed reveals, corner profiles, edge transitions, and recessed channels that hold three-dimensional inserts of various shapes and sizes.

These simple reveals and transitions can be applied to walls and ceilings and floated in flush with a gypsum board surface or installed with panels such as wood, glass, or tile work. No matter how the trim is used, the final effect creates the appearance of fine metalwork at a fraction of the cost of having it designed, detailed, and fabricated.

The best of these trims are made from 100 percent recyclable aluminum, which is lightweight, highly resilient, and won’t rust, corrode, or chip. The trim comes in a variety of metal finishes or pre-primed so it can be painted the same color as the walls for minimalist shadow lines. These options allow designers to make the trim part of the surface and blend—or a feature itself that becomes the most impactful element of a well-designed space.

The new trim options mean designers can say goodbye to those unattractive rubber, stick-on bases. Even better, some manufacturers offer specially designed corner pieces that eliminate the unsightly corner bumpers in places like hospitals and offices. These corner pieces come in a variety of shapes to fit almost any need whether it’s elliptical, oblong, round, or otherwise. Specially designed two-piece reveals and inserts enhance the clean, modern look. Further, architects and designers who want to get really creative can order custom trim profiles to accommodate any application.

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