To satiate clients’ appetites for a space that reflects a unique aesthetic, architects and designers must find high-performance products that can be configured into signature markers. This week’s product selection includes design features such as an LED-lit façade that can showcase a corporate logo or lighting display as well as large-panel acoustical mesh that can block sound in style. We also found a marble surface whose greenish-gray hues contrast its white veining and upholstery designed to mimic the look of tweed, letting interiors more readily take up a bespoke appearance. Rounding out this week’s picks is a healthcare seating system that allows designers and clients to create collaborative spaces and areas for semi-private discussions.

Alucobond Media, Traxon Technologies
Create dynamic façades that give life to art installations, advertisements, company names, and more with integrated graphics, text, and animation. Alucobond Media from Traxon Technologies comprises aluminum architectural panels whose imbedded LEDs can display 16.7 million colors in the RGB color space. The custom-designed panels are suitable for both interior and exterior façade applications. Alucobond Media can be used with DMX512 and e:pix LED controls.

Soft Tweed, Maharam
One benefit of being in business for more than a century is having a large archive from which to draw inspiration. Maharam’s Soft Tweed is based on the sensibilities of the company’s midcentury design. The linen-blend contract textile features thick-and-thin yarns in subtle tonal variations to create a handwoven appearance. It comes in seven colors and has a 54” width.

Silentmesh, GKD Metal Fabrics
Best known for its architectural façades, GKD Metal Fabrics makes a foray into interiors with Silentmesh. The multilayer ceiling system is constructed of metal fabric in a variety of metals and designs, including custom options, with an underlayment made of acoustic-absorption material. Silentmesh is available in large format panels, can be used to create a monolithic effect, and features a high level of stability.

Deep Blue Paver, Charles Luck Stone Center
Though black, gray, and white are the most commonly used, marble, like other stones, comes in a variety of colors. The Deep Blue Paver from Charles Luck Stone Center has a distinctive greenish-gray hue accented with blue and brown. When wet, the marble paver’s colors are intensified and its white veining stands out. Available in an antiqued or sandblasted finished and in four sizes: 8” square, 8” by 16”, 16” square, and 16” by 24”.

DuraStyle, Duravit
Designer Matteo Thun applied the universal, utilitarian language of commercial projects in a collection of bathroom fittings whose use extends into the residential space. Created for Duravit, the contemporary DuraStyle series comprises tubs, basins, toilets, bidets, and mirrors at a price point that the company says helps to reach the semipublic market. A minimalist look and an array of sizes and configurations for each product—which includes wall-mounted toilets, six-jet bathtubs, and LED-illuminated mirrors—make the line suitable for the diverse markets.

Neighbor, Nurture by Steelcase
Medical-care facilities are often stressful places for patients and their families. Furnishings in waiting rooms and other meeting areas are often not designed to facilitate semi-private conversations or small-group gatherings. Neighbor from Nurture by Steelcase features chairs, benches, and tables that can be arranged to foster collaboration as well as intimate discussion. The chairs are offered with 15”- or 21”-tall backs to help delineate space. Available in seven wood laminates and a metallic paint finish.