A3RAR, Contraste • Part of Contraste’s Ardito product line, this downlight is a round, ultra-thin profile recessed luminaire with a 3.5” aperture. The fixture is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K at a CRI of 90-plus, with a lumen output of 1,300 to 1,900 delivered lumens. Beam spread options include spot (15-degree), narrow flood (30-degree), and flood (42-degree). Adjustable and lockable from below the ceiling, the A3RAR has a 30-degree tilt and can be rotated 359-degrees. The fixture is offered in trimmed or flangeless options; trims come in eight finishes including satin nickel, gold plated, and matte white. Dimming options include ELV and zero-to-10V.contrastlighting.com

Aplis 40, KreonThis recessed downlight with a 1.5”-diameter aperture, designed specifically for LED light sources, is suitable for new construction installations. Aplis 40 is available in 2700K at a CRI of 80- and 95-plus, and delivers 200 to 160 lumens. The 2W fixture has 10-, 24-, 46-, and 42-degree beam spread options. The luminaire is fitted with both a TIR lens holder and an anti-glare snoot, and has a 30-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation capabilities. Available in white and black powdercoated finishes. Dimming options include TRIAC and zero-to-10V. kreon.com

Diva 2PM, Zaniboni Lighting • This 2.76”-square downlight can be specified in multiples, or a single module. Available with four beam-spread options—10-, 36-, 45-, 60 degrees—the fixture is offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K at a CRI of 80 or 90. The 3W or 7W luminaire delivers 319 lumens and 420 lumens, respectively, depending on wattage. Dimming options include zero-to-10V, Lutron Hi-Lume, DALI, and ELV. Finishes come in matte-white, matte-black, with custom colors available. zanibonilighting.com

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