Iwan Baan

This half-mile-long urban park is a playful, colorful, and thought-provoking celebration of the neighborhood’s more than 50 nationalities. Trails for pedestrians and cyclists, connections to local transport, and outdoor recreation spaces, as well as a market space and game areas, are complemented by benches, lampposts, trash cans, and plants that were selected by the area’s diverse residents. Durable materials and cost-effective solutions make this park a giant exhibition of urban best practices.

Jury: “This project is a joy! This is not only original, but stunning to behold. Superkilen shows what can be done with an open, inventive approach within severe cost limitations.”

Client: “It’s important that cities have exciting spots like Superkilen, because they heighten the livability in the city. Almost 60 different nationalities live in this part of Copenhagen, and all nationalities are represented at Superkilen with playing tools, activities, and sorts of plants.” —Ayfer Baykal, technical and environmental mayor, Copenhagen

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