Noah Kalina

Age: 25

On my job:
The aim of Architecture 2030 is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment, with the ultimate ambition of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030. My job is to incentivize the development and use of low-carbon building products. The goal is for architecture firms to integrate the constraints of carbon emissions into their operations just like a budget: You have to come in under budget, and you have to design a carbon-neutral building. 

On my goals in 10 years:
Right now, architecture school is looking less and less likely. I’d love to continue working in a similar vein: taking a design approach to advocacy. Climate change will keep presenting a lot of opportunities for us to redesign houses and other structures. From now until 2030 we’re going to build or renovate 900 billion square feet of floor area—three times the size of the U.S. 

If I could give a TED Talk:
It would focus on the inter­section of ecological design and social justice—how we can create communities that are healthy and empowered to develop in healthy ways.

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