Noah Kalina

Age: 27

On landing my current job:
After my second year of architecture school, I worked at an architecture firm for the summer and through my third year. At the same time, I was also developing an interest in structural engineering. I was really influenced by my structural engineering professors—that’s what brought me to KlingStubbins. It’s an architecture and engineering firm, and I came here for a summer internship on the structural side. But I also thought I might be able to transition to a job on the architecture side. I did—and I just got licensed in October. 

On licensure:
While I was doing my internship, Pennsylvania passed a rule allowing you to take your licensure exams while you are in the Intern Development Program (IDP), but I didn’t end up starting my exams until I finished the internship. Through my AIA involvement, I’ve been presenting at different universities about IDP and the importance of getting licensed. It’s the capstone to all your learning. Right now, I feel there’s a large portion of Baby Boomers who never got licensed—they did an apprenticeship and just kept working. But I think that’s less common now. Most young professionals that I’ve spoken to seem to have the goal of getting licensed.

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