Screenshot of The 1% program's current website.
Screenshot of The 1% program's current website.
In a recent interview with ARCHITECT, Public Architecture founder John Peterson discussed the new name for the nonprofit's 1% program, which will be soft launching at the AIA Convention in May. The following is an excerpt from the longer conversation.

You are also launching a new graphic identity for Public Architecture, and a new name and identity for The 1% program.

The new name is going to be 1+ ... and to be frank it's driven by two things. One, the Occupy movement has been more successful at defining what 1% means than we have, so we need to be humble about who won the branding wars, Public Architecture or the Occupy movement—the Occupy movement did. That's one reason that we've changed it, and the other reason is that it's actually a better expression of where we are, where The 1% program is as a program. The majority of our firm participants do more than 1%, the average is just over 2%, so it's a more accurate expression of how much pro bono service is being provided, and it also is a better expression of what it takes to get this work done successfully. It isn't just a firm, it's a whole collection of people, so it's a very additive experience, it's a very inclusive experience, and 1+ helps to convey that it's about inclusiveness and additive point of view.

So the "1" is still talking about 1%?
It certainly has origins in the creation of The 1%, and it still is related to the minimum required to participate in The 1% [program], a commitment of a minimum of 1% of billable hours to pro bono service, that's the price of admission to join The 1% program. So that will remain the same. So one still has meaning in our history and one still has meaning in the value of participation.

And then the "+" would mean...
Beyond. So 1+ meaning more than 1%, and more than just any one group or designer or entity, these are complex problems that require a large group of participants and experts and stakeholders.

So when is that going to be launched?
We're going to have a soft launch at the AIA Convention in May, and then we'll be launching the name soon after that. Summer, probably, in early to mid summer ... There will be a website component that's specifically tailored to AIA members that will launch, and then we'll share with them the new name 1+.

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