Spring 2010 PSG


Envelope Products

the screens collection by forms allows for a customized look without the budgetary or logistical constraints of custom work. designed for exterior and interior applications, screens can be used as room dividers, wall panels, windscreens, fencing, and more. the material may be specified in any sheet up to 48" by 96" in stainless steel or any of forms proprietary fused metals (bronze, graphite, nickel silver, or white gold) in one of many standard colors. several patterns are standard, including circa, which gives the appearance of woven metal, and kente, which looks like a traditional african textile. custom effects can be created by layering multiple screens; pairing different materials with screens; or using an eco-etch photolithographic bead-blasting finishing system. forms-surfaces.com

Forms+Surfaces Screens

Different materials can be used for these Screens for a customized look with a tight budget.

airolite co.s circular geometric grille creates a uniform visual screen or architectural accent with circular tube members that can be rotated from 0 to 60 degrees. built in depths from 2" to 6", the circular geometric grilles have blades configured with a 6" center spacing to achieve desired sight lines, are made of extruded aluminum, and are 1/10" thick. the grilles can be used as an architectural accent element, on entire façades for sight and solar screening, or as security barriers. they are available in an array of enamel, fluoropolymer, and clear and color anodized coatings. they are maintenance-free and compatible with other façade elements. airolite.com

Airolite Circular Geometric Grille

This grille create a screen from circular tube members.


Centria Invelope

An all-in-one insulated composite backup panel.

abet laminatis exterior building panels are applied using an open-joint rainscreen and are available in thicknesses from 6mm to 10mm. the exterior compact grade laminate panels are manufactured as a one-piece construction in which layers of kraft paper are impregnated with thermosetting phenolic resins bonded under heat and high pressure. they are graffiti proof and vandal- and fire-resistant, will not delaminate, and are suited for high-abuse areas. the panels are available in 41 standard colors and patterns, and digitally printed custom patterns or images can be set on the face. abetlaminati.com

Abet Laminati Exterior Building Panels

These panels are suited for high-abuse areas.

inspire mixes from inspire roofing products eliminate the need for color-blending at worksites. made of six mixes (asheville, greencastle, manchester, sedona, smoky gray, and cranbrook), each of which contains three to five colors, the tile collection is factory mixed using crafted color ratios and shipped ready for applications, easing installation. with the appearance of natural slate, the tiles have a third of the weight and are made of resins and natural limestone that has been compression-molded. the tiles contain up to 10% recycled content and are class a or class c fire resistant, class 4 impact resistant, and have a 110-mile-per-hour wind uplift rating. they also contribute toward leed points. inspireroofing.com

InSpire Roofing Products InSpire Mixes

This tile collection eliminates the need for color-blending at worksites.

lifewall from ceracasa is a vegetated façade that uses photosynthesis to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. developed by emilio llobat of maqla architects, azahar energy, and ceracasa, lifewall is a complementary system to the companys bionictile (a porcelain tile that uses titanium dioxideinfused glazes to combat nitrogen oxides, air contaminants that contribute to acid rain and many harmful health effects) and is made of 1m-by-1m panels that can hold any vegetation. the system uses drip-water irrigation to cut back on water use. lifewall can be incorporated into any bionictile (which comes in white, ivory, gray, and tobacco) design. ceracasa.com/600000_en/home

Ceracasa Lifewall

This vegetated facade uses photosynthesis to create oxygen.

cambridge architectural has added veils, fins, visors, and canopies to its solucent line of mesh shading. veils are placed parallel to a building, fins are placed perpendicular, visors are placed perpendicular above windows, and canopies provide overhead exterior shade. the four new additions to solucent impart the minimum amount of loading back into the curtain wall and use the brackets of a wide range of manufacturers, eliminating load issues at installation. solucent also now has a new modeling protocol developed for energy-simulation modeling software, based on the doe 2.2 calculation engine. cambridgearchitectural.com

Cambridge Architectural Solucent

Veils, fins, visors, and canopies have been added to this mesh shading system.

the perforated panel system from c.r. laurence co. (crl) offers protection from the sun while enhancing the appearance of a buildings façade with a modern look. the perforated panel system is available in steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum; finishes include mill, powder paint, and kynar polyvinylidene fluoride. it can be retrofitted to a building without major structural reconfiguration. stock sheets are available in various thicknesses, and crl can custom fabricate panels using cnc laser and waterjet cutters. the system can be used on both façades and interiors, including on ceilings, wall paneling, and railing infills. several meshes are available. crlaurence.com

C.R. Laurence Co. Perforated Panel System

These panels offer protection from the sun with a modern look.

the ventilated delta-dry rainscreen from cosella-d¶rken acts as a water-resistant barrier within a wall cavity and allows for drainage. it is suited for applications behind absorptive claddings, such as stucco, manufactured stone, cement board, brick veneer, and natural stone, and over substrates such as oriented strand board, plywood, and exterior-grade sheathing. new 11mm-deep, 3d dimples keep water from crossing into the wall cavity, while a dual air space allows wet walls to dry out. the polyethylene rainscreen will not rot, warp, mold, or trap water. it requires no special tools to install and can be used on new or retrofit construction. cosella-dorken.com

Cosella-Dörken Delta-Dry

Ventilated rainscreen acts as a water-resistant barrier inside a wall cavity.

the reveal fiber-cement panels from james hardie building products have expressed joints, which allow for a contemporary aesthetic in multifamily and light commercial projects. the panels offer fire, weather, impact, and insect protection at a price point comparable to exterior insulation and finish systems. at 3.1 pounds per square foot, reveal is lighter and more durable than stucco and can be engineered for most climates. the panels can be installed horizontally, vertically, or in a customized pattern and field painted to almost any color. jameshardie.com

James Hardie Building Products Reveal

Fiber-cement panels with "expressed" joints.

almost completely invisible, the sixth system from paragon architectural products is a glazing system with a hidden supporting structure. no aluminum mullions, transoms, steel trusses, columns, stainless steel cables, rods, or glass fins are visible, contributing to a clean look and maximizing floor space. the system can withstand internal and external pressures and all loading factors, and it meets all international glazing and design codes for safety. the sixth system is suitable for lobbies, retail showrooms, and museum exhibits and is completely scalable. glassengineer.com

Paragon Architectural Products Sixth System

A glazing system with a hidden supporting structure

crystal window & door systems has upgraded the aama 2604 powder-coat paint finish on its aluminum products (including windows and doors in all colors) to comply with american architectural manufacturers association specification 2604: high performance organic coatings on aluminum extrusions and panels. the aama 2604 standard requires more durability in the areas of salt spray, resistance to humidity, and retention of color and gloss. the finish is equivalent to 50% kynar polyvinylidene fluoride or 50% fluoropolymer liquid paint finish. crystalwindows.com

Crystal Window & Door Systems AAMA 2604

AAMA 2604-compliant powder-coat paint finish for aluminum products.

the weathered collection of siding from the foundry looks like cedar that has weathered over time, an aesthetic accomplished using a proprietary process that darkens the grain and lightens the higher points. the collection is available in 17 colors, including new hues red cedar, white cedar, aged cedar, cedar moss, and coastal white. most panels have a 7" exposure; the staggered shake panels have a 10" exposure. shingles have natural surfacing and random mill saw marks, while split shakes have peaks and grooves along the grain, and staggered shakes look handcrafted, with an uneven pattern and rough-sawn butt ends. with an asa cap, the panels may look weathered, but they wont fade. foundrysiding.com

The Foundry Weathered Collection

Siding that looks like cedar that has been weathered over time.

the royal ridgeback reinforced siding system from royal building products offers the look of fiber cement without the maintenance. manufactured from recycled pvc with a backing to enhance rigidity and resist impact, the panel doesnt require painting or caulking. the siding mimics the look of benchmark solid-wood clapboard with classic 7" facing wood texture. air channels help protect against condensation, rot, mold, and mildew. the companys windlok 250 system withstands 250-mile-per-hour winds. eight standard (white, linen, vintage cream, wicker, harvard slate, heather, sand, and soft maple) and six optional colors are available, all with dura color protection. royalbuildingproducts.com

Royal Building Products Royal Ridgeback Reinforced Siding System

Manufactured from recycled PVC, this system offers the look of fiber cement without the maintenance.

pella commercial aluminum-clad wood fixed frames are available for entrance doors and fixed windows (including storefronts, ribbon applications, and window walls) at street level. they offer the warmth of wood interiors and are more economical than solid aluminum. the aluminum-clad wood windows, with boldly articulated clad fixed frames, create shadow lines inside and out and have a variety of exterior cladding color options. their wood interiors can be repainted or restained, according to design needs. the companys commercial design team works with customers to develop custom solutions that meet performance and load requirements. pellacommercial.com

Pella Commercial Aluminum-Clad Wood Fixed Frames

Frames for entrance doors and fixed windows at street level.

majesta from kolbe is a collection of large, double-hung windows for historic properties or converted warehouses. the made-to-order units are available in sizes up to 6' by 12' and are custom-made with balances matched to the size and weight of the sash, stile, and rail dimensions. several types of divided lites are available, as are matching single-hung, radius, and cottage-style units. hardware comes in brass, rustic umber, or satin nickel. pine is the standard wood, but a range of optional species, including those certified by the forest stewardship council, and aluminum are also available. kolbe-kolbe.com

Kolbe Majesta

Double-hung windows for historic properties and converted warehouses.

wausau window and wall systems clear story aluminum exterior sun shades and interior light shelves maximize natural light and increase energy efficiency. exterior sun shades minimize solar heat gain and lessen the impact on a buildings hvac load and they also economize natural light by redirecting it inside the building when needed. interior light shelves at transom height redirect sunlight deep into occupied spaces. clear story can be specified with high recycled content and in more than 30,000 colors. many environmentally friendly finishes are available, including paints composed of up to 100% post-industrial waste, and powder-paint and anodized finishes can be specified as voc-free coatings. wausauwindow.com

Wausau Clear Story

Aluminum sun shades and light shelves increase energy efficiency.

nanawall systems vsw65 single track sliding system with center swing doors combines the look and function of french doors with the ability to slide the doors to the side in a stack or so they disappear into a pocket. the multipanel system can glide open to create an opening up to 14' wide or be used as french doors with sidelights. the maximum sliding panel width is 4', and the maximum swing panel width is 3' 3". the maximum unit height is 9' 10". hinges and sliding and multipoint locking hardware are concealed, and a variety of woods, glazing, divided lites, and hardware is available. nanawall.com

NanaWall VSW65

This sliding system with center swing doors combines French doors with pocket doors.


Bendheim Wall Systems Ice

The glass's texture provides daylighting and privacy.

the knight wall system is an all-in-one rainscreen system and a drop-in solution, meaning all components are in place when its specified, including cladding and framing members. steel framing can be specified with 2", 4", and 6" brackets, enabling different r-values of insulation to be installed external to a buildings vapor barrier while providing a cavity for moisture to drain and vapor to pass through. the system also features a patented self-leveling feature, which enables new cladding to be installed on the exteriors of existing buildings with out-of-plumb walls. knight wall system is suitable for commercial, industrial, and municipal construction projects. knightwallsystems.com

Knight Wall System

An all-in-one rainscreen that is a drop-in solution.

duranar vari-cool coatings reflect the suns energy with pearlescent pigments that use ppg industrys ultra-cool infrared-reflective technology. available in 17 preformulated standard tints, the fluoropolymer coating changes color according to viewing angle. the duranar vari-cool coating system is suited for roof panels, building panels, curtain walls, storefronts, accents, and corporate signage, and can be applied on aluminum and coated substrates, but not on hot- or cold-rolled steel substrates or exterior exposures. minor scratches can be easily repaired in the field. the coating has a foundation of kynar 500 or hylar 5000 resin. ppgideascapes.com

PPG Industry Duranar Vari-Cool

These coatings reflect the sun's energy, and changes color according to viewing angle.

made from 40% pre-consumer polycarbonate, kodaxt from 3form is designed for exterior applications and has 100 times the impact resistance of glass and 60 times that of acrylic. it is part of 3forms c3 collection, which has more than 10,000 color options; large-scale projects can be formulated with specialty colors. its shape can be molded and it can be specified as a complete material assembly with custom hardware specifications and structural analysis. according to 3form, kodaxt is the only architectural polycarbonate material available to use toward leed mr 4.1 and 4.2 for recycled content. it was first speced for 1,100 new san francisco transit canopies. 3-form.com

3form KodaXT

Part of the C3 collection, KodaXT is an impact-resistant polycarbonate.

the noricf4 custom metal frame for doors and windows from reward wall systems enhances the building envelope required by insulating concrete form (icf) construction. the preformed steel, two-in-one frame combines the buck and the frame into one system, eliminating waste, reducing installation time, and allowing greater customization. the noricf4 is preassembled, welded to specifications from building plans, and designed and made to fit snugly around the eps foam thickness of any icf. it accommodates drywall returns and integrated continuous concrete anchors, includes press-in-place weatherstripping, and is prepped for door hardware. mullions and integral glazing stops are optional. rewardwalls.com

Reward Wall Systems NoricF4

Custom metal frame for doors and windows eliminates waste and allows greater customization.

tubelite now manufactures all of its architectural extruded aluminum products (including storefront, curtain wall, entrance, and daylight control) with ecoluminum, a high-recycled-content aluminum billet composition developed with environmentally friendly finishes. ecoluminum requires 95% less energy to produce than standard, nonrecycled billet, and its anodized finish sends 90% less waste to landfills than traditional caustic-etch anodizing. tubelite formulated ecoluminums standard billet composition contains a minimum of 80% reclaimed aluminum, with a post-consumer content average of 34%. paint finishes are also applied and controlled in an environmentally effective manner. ecoluminum.com

Tubelite EcoLuminum

Extruded aluminum products made with EcoLuminum are more environmentally friendly.

iqm trim, a division of the tapco group, now offers three new profiles of its color-through cellular pvc trim: 8" fascia board, brick mold with j-channel, and j-channel with integrated nailing flange. with 17 colors available and a wood-grain finish, iqm matches the colors from fiber cement and vinyl siding makers, and adds contrast with shades such as vermont green and butterscotch. the trim offers speedier installations and hides end cuts, excessive caulking, and imperfect miter cuts. all iqm products come packaged in a clear film to protect against damage during installation. iqmtrim.com

IQm Trim Cellular PVC Trim

Three new profiles of this color-through PVC trim.