Spring 2010 PSG


Material Products

american clay enterprises new lime putty, which is made with u.s.-sourced lime, can be used for gauging the companys earth plasters (to increase hardening) and also mixed to make a limewash. as a gauging material, lime putty can be added to both american clays original and commercial plasters. the addition of lime putty reduces the working time of the plaster, but the end result is a harder finish, achieving near maximum hardness in six months. when used as a limewash, lime putty adds sheen and can cover 200 to 400 square feet per gallon per coat. it comes in 1-gallon buckets weighing 10 pounds and should be applied by american clay artisans or experienced plaster professionals. americanclay.com

American Clay Lime Putty

Made with U.S.-sourced lime, this lime putty can be used to harden plasters or as a limewash.

the ecoglass line of textured architectural glass from bendheim contains 60% recycled material (up to 40% of which is post consumer). suitable for a range of commercial and residential applications, the glass is created in a clean-burning, oxygen-fuel-fired furnace. for safety and security applications, the glass is tempered in a highly energy-efficient oven and laminated with environmentally sensitive materials. ecoglass is available in 10 textures with varying degrees of privacy. the glass can be supplied in combination with custom color interlayers or voc-free color coatings. it is offered in 5/32", 1/4", and 3/8" thicknesses and is available in sheet sizes up to 70" by 126". bendheim.com

Bendheim EcoGlass

Textured architectural glass made from 60 percent recycled material.

charlotte pipe and foundry co.s repvc pipe uses 100% recycled content as the center layer, making up 30% to 80% of the pipes overall thickness. as the latest addition to the companys true fit system, the coextruded, solid-wall schedule 40 pipe incorporates recycled pvc, which will help expand the market for recycled materials and slow consumption of raw materials. repvc is manufactured to astm d 4396 and astmf 1760 standards, and is nsf-listed. charlotte pipe also recycles 100% of its treated process water. charlottepipe.com

Charlotte Pipe RePVC

PVC pipe that uses 100 percent recycled content as its center layer.

kryton internationals krystol mortar admixture transforms rendering mortars, usually applied to exterior building surfaces as finishes, into waterproof protection. when added to concrete mixes in brick and block construction, krystol reacts to form millions of tiny needlelike crystals that block capillary pores and cracks. in the past, brick construction required surface-applied sealant for waterproofing, which was temporarily effective but chipped and flaked as a building agedthis admixture eliminates the need for those sealants. kryton.com

Kryton Krystol Mortar Admixture

This admixture transforms rendering mortars into waterproof protection.

br-111s tiete chestnut is imported from brazil and is twice as durable and easier to source than its domestic counterpart. the 5/16" exotic engineered flooring is less than half the cost of solid chestnut flooring of the same width, according to the company. the eco-friendly harvested flooring can be installed using a glue-down or floating procedure and a complete line of moldings is available. tiete chestnut is also offered in 3" and 6-1/4" widths and 3/8" and 1/2" thicknesses. br111.com

BR-111 Tiete Chestnut

A Brazilian chestnut that is durable and easy to source.

the ultratransparent krystal klear glass from agc glass co. north america offers a visible light transmission of 91% and a high solar heat gain coefficient. suited for a range of commercial, residential, and specialty glass applications, the low-iron glass offers the strength and design flexibility of heavy glass without the greenish tint usually found on the edges of high-iron glass. it is intended primarily for use in interiors, including partitions, railings, furniture, appliances, framing, shelving, shower doors, and specialty items. the glass can be laminated, tempered, bent, silk screened, and insulated. krystal patterns offers a choice of 12 patterns embedded in krystal klear glass. krystalklearglass.com

AGC Glass Company North America Krystal Klear

Ultratransparent glass with a visible light transmission of 91 percent and a high shading coefficient.

dal-tiles new line of colorbody porcelain tile, veranda tones, has a multicolor wood look designed to coordinate with the companys veranda series. the tiles feature detailed linear graining and high shade variation and come in five earthy color blends. each veranda tone blends three different solid colors from the existing veranda series, now called veranda solids. veranda tones is available in three truedge rectified modular sizes (6-1/2" by 20", 13" by 20", and 20" square). the tile collection is suitable for floors, walls, backsplashes, countertops, and pool linings in both residential and commercial settings, as well as exterior floors and walls in freezing and non-freezing climates. daltileproducts.com/veranda

Dalite Veranda Tones

This new line of ColorBody porcelain tile has a multicolor wood appearance.

made of 100% post-industrial byproduct wood, songwood compressed wood composite panels from engineered timber resources can be used for flooring, paneling, or other wood products. they are urea-formaldehyde-free, have low vocs and life-cycle costs, and are refinishable. the panels are made of fsc-certified raw byproduct material from the furniture manufacturing and pulp industries, and are made by kiln-drying wood fibers with a low-voc resin and then compressing them under 1,800 tons of pressure before curing them. they can be infused with organic dyes and colorants prior to compression and come in horizontal, vertical, and burl profiles. topical stains are also available. etimberr.com

Engineered Timber Resources Songwood

Compressed wood panels made from FSC-certified raw material.

the transparent-reflective solarban r100 glass from ppg industries adapts the same coating technology as solarban 70xl glass. the solar-control, low-e glass delivers comparable solar performance with color-neutral, low exterior reflectance of 32%. interior reflectance for solarban r100 glass is 14% and it has a ¨visible light transmittance of 42%. its solar heat gain coefficient is 0.23, and its light to solar gain ratio is 1.79, which is 29% greater than comparable low-e glasses. it can be used in privacy glass applications and blends well with spandrels and other materials because of its neutral appearance. it also helps lower energy use for heating, cooling, and lighting. ppgideascapes.com

PPG Industries SolarBan R100

Transparent-reflective glass controls solar heat gain.

sunguard satindeco, guardian industries newest commercial glass product, features the translucent quality of guardians satindeco line. designed for windows and curtain walls, sunguard satindeco combines energy-saving qualities with diffused privacy glass in insulated units. sunguard is suitable for hotel, healthcare, office, and retail applications, and is available in a range of colors and performance levels. the glasss coatings can be combined with laminated glass to provide sound protection and safety. sunguard satindeco may also contribute to leed credits. guardian.com

Guardian Industries SunGuard SatinDeco Glass

This glass combines energy saving and privacy glass for windows and curtain walls.

olybond500 green from omg has the same approval ratings as the companys olybond500 but is made with a plant-based formula that uses renewable resources instead of petroleum-based ones. the fast-acting adhesive has ultralow vocs (less than 5g/l) and is compatible with common types of insulation and roof decks, such as lightweight structural concrete, poured-in-place structural concrete, precast concrete, gypsum, cementitious wood fiber, steel (with approved cross section), and wood. it can be used in new and retrofit roofing projects as well as installations that require multiple insulation layers. it is available in 5-gallon bag-in-box sets and in 1,500ml spotshot cartridges. www.olybond500green.com

OMG OlyBond500 Green

This fast-acting adhesive with ultralow VOCs uses renewable resources instead of petroleum-based ones.

the new line of door and wall protection products from inpro corp. is made from a blend of biopolymer and reformulated petg including recycled content. biopolypetg is manufactured from raw materials produced by u.s.-based suppliers, further reducing its carbon footprint. petg is considered a greener alternative to many plastics used in construction materialscontaining no halogens, sulfur, nitrogen, lead, mercury, cadmium, bpa, or hexavalent chromium. biopolypetg has a base of petg blended with a plant-based biopolymer, giving it high-impact resistance. the material has a nfpa class 1 fire rating. the products in the line are sold at the same price level as inpro vinyl products. inprocorp.com

InPro BioPolyPETG

Door and wall protection using a blend of biopolymer and reformulated PETG.

a third-party environmental study commissioned by the western red cedar lumber association revealed that western red cedar siding and decking, such as knotty beveled siding (shown), outperforms its vinyl, fiber cement, brick, and composite counterparts in all seven criteria for decking and five of the seven criteria for siding. the siding is available in select knotty, architect knotty, quality knotty, and proprietary knotty grades. beveled options include plain bevel, rabbetted bevel, and wavy edge bevel. boards range from 5/8" by 6" to 7/8" by 12", depending on the style selected. wrcla.org

Western Red Cedar Knotty Beveled Siding

This cedar siding and decking outperforms vinyl, fiber cement, brick, and other composites.

Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200

A water-based acrylic-alkyd coating for high-volume commercial environments.

vast enterprises composite landscape pavers are now available in a 4"-by-8" size, ideal for commercial hardscapes, such as parking areas, walkways, and plazas. using a blend of up to 95% recycled car tires and plastic containers, the pavers weigh less than 9 pounds per square foot. the 4"-by-8" pavers use the same special grid systems as the older 3"-by-6" size, but can be installed faster than the smaller size because fewer pavers are needed per square foot. vasts manufacturing process reportedly consumes 82% less energy than concrete product manufacture, releases 89% less carbon dioxide compared to concrete products, generates no vocs, and yields zero scrap. vastpavers.com

Vast Composite Landscape Pavers

Using a blend of up to 95 percent recycled car tires and plastic containers, these pavers are suitable for large commercial hardscapes.

radcoat from procoat is an aliphatic uv-curable waterborne urethane designed for heavy commercial applications where down time is limited or non-existent. site-applied, it provides almost instant drying and curing (conventional coatings have seven- to 30-day curing times) and provides scuff, scratch, and abrasion resistance. typical applications include hospitals, casinos, factories, restaurants, correctional facilities, shopping centers, nursing homes, and other environments where immediate use of a floor is needed. it has a mild odor and low emissions, and is extremely durable. with new polymerization technology, radcoat has a high chemical resistance. procoatinc.com

Procoat Radcoat

An aliphatic UV-curable waterborne urethane for heavy commercial applications.

the veritas botanical series of decorative resinart panels features purecolor technology, flexible hardware systems, and precise fabrication. texture, interlayer, and color options, such as the savannah 1/4" panels (shown), offer customization for creating the most appropriate panel for such commercial installations as healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, and office space. seven hardware systems offer solutions that can join, suspend, or render forms movable within ceiling panels, feature walls, balustrades, and furniture. veritas panels are greenguard certified for indoor air quality. veritasideas.com

Veritas Botanical Series

The panels are GreenGuard certified for indoor air quality.

stonecraft stone veneer from the tapco group offers the look of natural stone but is easier to install and more affordable. well suited for the kitchen and bath, it can be used in a variety of applications, including niches, islands, around a range hood, or on exterior façades and fire pits. it cannot be used for walkways or other horizontal applications or be submerged in water (in a swimming pool, for example). the veneer is available in nine profiles, ranging in appearance from smooth and water-worn to deeply ridged and fieldstone-inspired, and in a variety of colors. it can span an average of 150 square feet of nonrepeating textures for each stone profile, and no two stones are exactly the same. thetapcogroup.com

Tapco Group StoneCraft

Stone veneer that offers the look of natural stone and is easier to install.

veneer-wrapped aluminum panels allow greater design flexibility for ceiling and wall systems. these panels from contact industries range from 1' by 1' up to 4' by 8' and come in several shapes, including triangles, trapezoids, squares, and rectangles. the aluminum core products come from several manufacturers (including hunter-douglas and simplex), and contact industries applies veneer to the face and each of the four edges. components can be delivered prefinished with a variety of options, including fire-retardant coatings and custom tinting to match specified colors. lineal veneered aluminum components up to 16' long with face widths ranging from 2" to 8" are also available. contactind.com

Contact Industries Veneer-Wrapped Aluminum Panels

Available in various shapes, veneer is added to aluminum panels and come with various treatment options.