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2016 Venice Biennale: Japan Pavilion, En: Art of Nexus

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2016 Venice Biennale: Japan Pavilion, En: Art of Nexus

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  • Yoshiyuki Yamana

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On May 28, the jury for the Venice Architecture Biennale awarded the Japan Pavilion a special mention in National Participations, along with Peru.

Project Description

Written by Yoshiyuki Yamana:

Unemployment at the center of the young people is chronic, in Japan today that the degree of inequality and poverty is Kosin pair every day, has become a kind of post-war "economic growth" is no longer the distant past of the historic event . Modern Japan of some of the construction work was Dasa created with the "economic growth" but was something to be proud of in the world, "change 100 years of modern architecture" shining Japan's, "Contemporary in the last Venice Biennale Japan Pavilion the collection to the building of the barn ", has already become a subject of historians numerous architectural works that were created in the peak of the" rapid economic growth ".

Such as the information environment dramatically altered to the spread of the Internet, but the event that serves as an indicator of the times in different, neo-liberalism, which laid the competition principle to the nucleus, war and terrorism, and environmental contamination by radioactive substances Unlike, but subtle is a threat that is right in front of you, it is undermining deeply the backbone and now penetrate into every corner of society. That said, the big story such as "progress", the meta-story of the modern was driven as a society of engine era, and unlike the high-growth period, there depicts the figure of the future, which is a target against this situation, trends not can also go towards the, our society in dark like a cooped-up feeling is overhanging heavy.

And even among which joined the sense of loss of 3.11 or later, the Japanese society is facing a major turning point, while drawn by the modern state "happy family image in the city" will collapse, "SHARING "(values and life style sharing, etc.) to a new community, "is beginning to emerge. Whether such we architectural era has been made how to. And where to you as if it was headed - What we have to focus now, many of them, even to decorate, such as the gorgeous modern Movement architectural magazine which was a propaganda device, also, have to form a modern state even as hidden forces such as significantly change them among the so far the framework of the construction of - in at least on the surface - is a construction group which is not visible. It is the nature of society up to now, each of the various relationships, that is considered because they focused on changing the "edge", which is the exhibition's theme.

In this exhibition, the big stories and the original of any banner, without that form the movement, such as was seen in the modern movement, for situations challenges faced, each variety of the battle that has been fought to the individual we will take a look at such aspects. Survive beyond a difficult situation (survive) battle at this front line (front) for, although it may still have many things just began to fetal movement, will create a base of social change, such potential possibility it has.
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