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Avaza Aquapark

JDS Architects

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Project Name

Avaza Aquapark


968,752 sq. feet




  • Architect: Julien de Smedt
  • Project Leader: Vincent Macris
  • Project Team: Jiri Richter, Edgar Jese Rodriguez, Camille Fatier, Kamile Malinauskaite, Pieter van Stee, Pawel Panfiluk, Edna Luddecke, Julia Park, Nicolai Palsbo, Luke Baylis


  • Visor
  • SES
  • Motto Architects

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Project Description


Avaza Aqua Park is an exclusive development project containing an aqua park, a shopping centre, sport installations in combination with a hotel and a yacht club. The magnificent location in combination with the facilities makes Aqua Park the frame in which sea, landscape, air and light converge to stimulate the Avaza experience. With water as guiding principle, Aqua Park offers an unique experience for the new elite tourists, focusing on the quality of life, time, personal development and plenty of space for the individual. When we imagined how to translate luxury into architecture, we realized that the real luxury is in the space.

In order to break with the rigidity of traditional architectural systems, Aqua Park is a building conceived as an environment, dematerializing its borders and merging into the landscape, assuming the relationship with nature in order to maximize the environmental experience.

Starting from a circular footprint, the building becomes a soft disc, from which its lifted edges, hilly landscape emerges, with views and grandiose caves beneath, the result is a landscaped-building with a defined and seductive shape which creates systems of open spaces.

The landscaped building is made of three elements:  white marble, vegetation and water, creating a land-liquid geology. The interior is conceived as a filter which links two landscapes: the exterior, the desert and the sea, and the interior, an artificial cave.
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