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Baltimore Institute for Ecological Economics

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Baltimore Institute for Ecological Economics

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  • Karina Perez-Ayalde
  • Austin Raimond
  • Peter Noonan, AIA LEED AP

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The project brief proposes the development of a new 17,000 SF office and research studio facility along the Baltimore Harbor to better facilitate collaborative research and teaching of ecological economics. This design agenda envisions a project that will provide an environment where integrative systems of science and policy research can flourish. It addresses the need for convenient and environmentally sensitive student, faculty and public access, low environmental impact, high building performance, and an exemplar for building detail, material assembly and construction practices.  

PROJECT GOALS:  Institute for Ecological Economics (IEE) – (a.k.a. - Environmental Research Office): the building as a model for future development; making ecological systems and processes visible/transparent; a “living building”; minimizing the footprint; flexibility in design for future changes and multiple uses; food production on site; clustering offices around meeting and social areas; an ecological design aesthetic; harnessing ambient energies from site; and closing cycles to eliminate waste. Since the IEE scientists frequently study watersheds, wetlands and water processes, they would like to demonstrate the extent to which building can respond to the natural hydrology of a site and 

nearby watershed features. For the most constrained sites, using the buildings potential living “green” roof as a man-made watershed could be the subject of study and experimentation.
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