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Jun Igarashi Architects, Taiji Fujimori Atelier

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House Vision 2

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This project is part of the "House Vision 2" exhibition, which runs from July 30 through August 28, 2016 in Tokyo.

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TOTO/YKK AP and architect Jun Igarashi, along with furniture designer Taiji Fujimori, present their inside-out and furniture-room ideas. The concept began with Igarashi thinking about windows. Instead of considering them just as openings in the walls, he envisioned new functions and attempted to read in the potential that the space provided. Fujimori then explored approaches for furniture that involved producing space and function simultaneously, instead of designing furniture separately from the room. The combination of their ideas resulted in windows becoming openings with depth, producing unfamiliar spaces between what we usually think of as inside and outside. And in that unfamiliar zone, hybrid furniture both provides function and defines the space. The exhibition house resulting from this concept has a room like the pivot of a folding fan, with windows extending deeply towards the opening, creating individual spaces for specific purposes such as relaxing, bathing, concentrating, or dining. What to call these spaces is an interesting question—they seem to call for completely new architectural vocabulary.
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